SeekaHost Review: Is It Worth It?

Choosing the right hosting service is vital for any online project. Therefore you should prefer a platform that offers the ease of managing domain names alongside providing excellent speed and support. While there are other factors that you should also consider, these two factors will majorly decide the fate of your website in the long run.

This year, I have reviewed more than twenty hosting services, and SeekaHost is definitely one of the budget-friendly shared hosting service providers with some worth mentioning features.

So, what exactly is SeekaHost, and how do they differentiate themselves from other hosting companies? What hosting services do they provide, and under what price tag? You will get all such questions answered in this SeekaHost review article.

SeekaHost Review Summary

Min. Response Time275 ms
Max. Response Time3394 ms
Global Avg. Response Time1377 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights93 Mobile, 95 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestSpiky
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What is SeekaHost?

SeekaHost launched its web hosting services back in 2000 and was initially registered as The company was later acquired by ClickDo Ltd. and expanded its services in the US. It then underwent a lot of reforms, launched hosting services for the SEO industry, and emerged as a popular SEO Hosting company.

In 2017, SeekaHost opened an office in London at ClickDo Ltd. But later, they separately registered themselves as SeekaHost Ltd. and started working as an individual business body. Recently, in the year 2020, it launched its game hosting services as well.

SeekaHost claims to deliver the best-in-class features and value for money hosting to small businesses and startups. They primarily focus on customer retention by providing affordable services and employing trained professionals. They also keep on partnering with the industry leaders to offer the best technology, tools, and expertise.

SeekaHost Personal Web Hosting Performance Report

SeekaHost promotes itself as an affordable, quality hosting service provider. However, my experience with such services is not always pleasant as they often tend to overcrowd the server. This inevitably drops the performance down. So, I decided to check the speed of a website hosted with their Personal Web Hosting plan. It was the cheapest shared hosting plan on their website and cost me $2.49 per month. Apart from providing 1 GB of disk space, it comes with a cPanel dashboard and a free SSL certificate.

To start with, I pointed my domain name to their server and installed a basic WordPress blog using the Softaculous software installer. The process went smoothly, and it didn’t take more than a few minutes to publish my first demo article. Once everything was set up, the blog was ready to undergo a set of performance tests.

1. Web Page Speed Test Using Google PageSpeed Insights:

PageSpeed Insights provides a valuable performance report of a web page. Here we are interested in the lab data section only.

performance was tested with pagespeed insights

As you can see from the screenshot shared above that other than Speed Index, all lab data were within the recommended range. Speed Index for Mobile devices and Desktops were 5.4s and 2.2s, respectively.

2. Web Page Speed Test Using GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is another performance monitoring tool used by developers. It provides information about key Web Vitals and Speed indices. An overall performance score and Speed Visualization give an idea of the server’s performance.

seekahost review tested with gtmetrix

While the overall performance grade was excellent, I was particularly not happy with the TTFB score. While a part of the TTFB comes from the DNS (NameCheap here), I’m sure that the major contributor here was their server.

3. Global Page Speed Test Using Uptrends:

Unless a CDN has been used, geographical distance affects the loading time proportionately. My website was hosted on a US server, and as a result, I expected it to perform well from nearby locations. Therefore, I used Uptrends to understand the speed from different geographical areas.

global speed test check

The fastest performance was noticed from New York (275 ms) and the slowest from Jakarta (3394 ms). Then I averaged out the performance speed of 43 locations, and it came out to be 1377 ms.

Download the full screenshot.

4. Website Load Test Using K6:

A website load test gives a fair idea of the number of concurrent requests a web host can handle. For this test, I used a maximum of 50 concurrent requests per second. The load test graph is shown below.

load test 1

As you can see, the server was unable to handle more than 35 requests (blue line) per second. For a sub $5 shared hosting, you should not expect anything better than this. However, I was ambitious to extract every bit of server resources. So, I used the W3 Total Cache plugin and reran the test.

website load test

The performance improvement was significant, and it passed the test easily.

Being a cheap hosting service provider, I never expected a quality service from Seekahost. However, it has surpassed my expectations, and I definitely recommend their Personal Web Hosting service to entry-level users.

SeekaHost Features

SeekaHost offers a lot of valuable features to its clients to make their hosting experience delightful. 

Here are some notable features offered by SeekaHost-

1. Domain Search and Registration: SeekaHost makes finding and registering a domain for your website super easy. All you have to do is mention the domain that you want for your website. If available, you can purchase the domain name along with various TLDs. 

Along with that, you are allowed to use their domain forwarding, privacy protection, DNS management, domain renewal, and domain theft protection features.

2. One-click App Installation: SeekaHost lets clients install WordPress effortlessly by incorporating a one-click WordPress installer. The installer works for other CMSs like Magento and Joomla.

3. Free SSL Certificate: An SSL certificate is a must these days. Along with providing end-to-end encryption, an SSL certificate enhances the search engine friendliness of your website also.  

Websites with no such certificates are flagged as potentially dangerous, and browsers warn visitors that they are about to visit unsafe sites. 

As an industry-standard, SeekaHost offers free SSL certificates from Let’sEncrypt with all hosting plans. Along with data encryption, these certificates digitally verify your websites.

4. DDoS Protection: Whatever be the type or size of your website, DDoS attacks can bring you a severe headache. Distributed Denial of Services or DDoS attack involves sending multiple concurrent requests to the server that surpass the server’s capacity to handle the requests. 

It results in server slow-down and even causes the server to collapse. 

Therefore SeekaHost strengthens its servers by incorporating DDoS protection and ensures that your websites remain up and online to deliver the best output.

5. Weekly Backups: It is needless to mention how critical it is to have your files and data backed up to withstand any unforeseen event. Creating a regular backup enables you to restore to a previous point. Therefore, SeekaHost allows you to create a weekly backup of your website data. It ensures that you can roll back to an older version of your website in case of a mishap. 

Not just that, you can locally download the copy of your backups and save it on your personal device. You can also check the backups created from the dashboard.

6. A Secure Backend: A lot goes on behind the curtains to make your website function smoothly. And it is the backend of your server that needs proper security and monitoring to ensure that your website keeps on delivering continuous services.

7. Malware Protection: An ideal hosting platform does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to substantiating the security of their client’s websites. SeekaHost also incorporates anti-malware software to safeguard websites against such attacks. They also regularly update their databases to ensure that your website remains protected against old as well as new malware.

8. Free WP Migration Support: The technical support provides a free WordPress migration service to help you migrate your website from your existing host to SeekaHost. Moreover, they ensure that there is no data loss or downtime during migration.

SeekaHost Hosting Solutions and Plans

1. Personal Web Hosting

SeekaHost’s personal web hosting solutions are highly affordable but offer a lot of useful features. They also provide 24×7 live support, weekly backup, and speed optimization facility, along with access to highly reliable servers. 

Here are different hosting plans, features, and their prices.

USD 2.49 per monthUSD 4.99 per monthUSD 7.99 per month
One websiteThree websitesFive websites
1 GB disk space3 GB disk space5 GB disk space
10 GB Bandwidth30 GB Bandwidth50 GB Bandwidth
One email account Three email account Five email account 
Free SSL certificateFree SSL certificateFree SSL certificate
One-click installerOne-click installerOne-click installer
cPanel control panelcPanel control panelcPanel control panel

2. WordPress Hosting

SeekaHost is one of the most affordable WordPress hosting solution providers. All of their WordPress hosting plans come inclusive of weekly data backup, excellent bandwidth, and exceptional support. 

Here are various WordPress hosting plans available on SeekaHost along with their prices and features.

USD 2.50 per monthUSD 10 per monthUSD 15 per monthUSD 25 per month
1 WordPress5 WordPress 15 WordPressUnlimited WordPress
10 GB SSD 30 GB SSD100 GB SSD Unlimited SSD
20 GB Bandwidth60 GB Bandwidth100 GB BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
Five email accounts15 email accounts30 email accountsUnlimited email accounts
2 databases10 databases20 databasesUnlimited databases
One FTP accountTwo FTP accounts10 FTP accounts15 FTP accounts

3. Business Web Hosting

With great power and memory, guaranteed uptime, free email, free domain, weekly backups, and many such features, you can skyrocket the growth of your business website on the go. 

Here are different business web hosting plans available on SeekaHost.

USD 7.99 per monthUSD 12.99 per monthUSD 24.99 per month
One website Ten websites Unlimited websites 
10 GB Disk Space100 GB Disk Space200 GB Disk Space
50 GB Bandwidth200 GB Bandwidth300 GB Bandwidth
Two databases15 databasesUnlimited databases
Five email accountsTen email accounts20 email accounts
Two FTP accounts Two FTP accounts Two FTP accounts 
For low to moderate trafficFor high trafficFor very high traffic
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
1 free .com domain2 free .com domains3 free .com domains

4. VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans come with dedicated resources, a developer-friendly interface, high-speed servers, guaranteed uptime, and instant provisioning.

Here is how much you have to pay for a highly powerful and agile SeekaHost VPS hosting solution-

Starter VPS HostingStandard VPS HostingBright VPS Hosting
2 CPU Cores2 CPU Cores4 CPU Cores
2 GB of RAM4 GB of RAM6 GB of RAM
50 GB Disk space100 GB Disk space150 GB Disk space
1000 GB Bandwidth 1500 GB Bandwidth 2000 GB Bandwidth 
USD 16.50 per monthUSD 22.50 per monthUSD 32.50 per month

5. Dedicated Server Hosting

SeekaHost provides dedicated server hosting solutions for those who want powerful and resource-rich hosting services. Moreover, the dedicated server hosting of SeekaHost is looked after by experts. 

Here’s pricing and features.

Server RiseServer Rise IIServer Advance
USD 199/ monthUSD 249/ monthUSD 299/ month
Processor- Intel Xeon E3-1270v6-ac/8t-3.8 GHzProcessor- Intel Xeon D-15408c/16t-2/2.6 GHzProcessor- AMD Epyc 7351P-16c/32t-2.4GHz/2.9GHz
32 GB Memory64 GB Memory128 GB Memory
Storage 2x HDD SATA 2TB/ 450GB SSDStorage 2x HDD SATA 2TB/ 450GB SSDStorage 2x HDD SARA 2TB/ 500GB SSD
Disk NVMe SATA Available Disk NVMe SATA Available Disk NVMe SATA Available 
SSH AccessSSH AccessSSH Access

6. Reseller Web Hosting

Affordability is the key to making a profit. Therefore, resellers want to host solutions that are reliable as well as cost-effective. SeekaHost provides excellent round-the-clock support to its clients along with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

Here are different reseller plans and their prices.

Basic PackIntermediate PackAdvanced Pack
USD 25/ monthUSD 49.99/ monthUSD 75/ month
40 GB Disk Space100 GB Disk Space200 GB Disk Space
500 GB data transfer1000 GB data transfer2000 GB data transfer
cPanel/WHM PanelcPanel/WHM PanelcPanel/WHM Panel
Free Softaculous, SSL certificate Free Softaculous, SSL certificateFree Softaculous, SSL certificate

SeekaHost Pros and Cons


  • Highly scalable
  • Unique IP for each website
  • Fast, reliable, and cost-effective
  • Excellent security
  • Fixed renewal cost


  • You need to use external cache plugin to get acceptable performance

Final Takeaway

With a wide array of hosting solutions, SeekaHost is a one-stop destination for any hosting solution you may require. Plus, the highly affordable pricing is undoubtedly the cherry on top.

I have tested their shared hosting service, and it performed beyond my expectations. Try it. SeekaHost will surely help you start up your online journey.

SeekaHost Review rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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