Templ Review: A New GCP-Based Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS) that powers more than 40% of websites worldwide. That’s right, every third website you visit is probably powered by WordPress. Its open-source nature and usability make WordPress the most favorable CMS to create and manage a website.

However you may get a serious headache trying to streamline the traffic, security, and speed on your own. Using a managed WordPress hosting can help you deal with such issues as it provides a customized solution tailored for you.

But there are several hosting providers in the market. How do you choose a reliable one? If you are stuck with all these questions, read this Templ review. I’m sure you will get a complete overview of this GCP-based managed WordPress hosting provider.

I will also share its features, pricing, and my personal experience of hosting a real website on their platform. This will definitely help you make a decision.

What is Templ?

Before that, we should know what a managed WordPress hosting is.

It is a cluster service where the client does not need to handle technical tasks related to site security, updates, speed, backups, scalability, uptime, etc., as the host takes care of them all.

Templ is a new managed WordPress hosting company founded in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. Their servers are powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Therefore, it uses the same level of security as used by Google, YouTube, and Gmail. 

They use Google’s 20 GCP data centers scattered around five continents. This ensures immaculate security and speed for your website. Moreover, the state-of-the-art CDN and caching services enable your website to deliver uninterrupted and scalable performance.

So, if you are worried about the data security and site speed of your website, you should definitely give it a try. 

Don’t only settle for features; having reliable customer support is also essential for building a WordPress website. How does Templ perform when you need an immediate support? Keep on reading this Templ review to know more about my personal experience.

Templ.io Review Summary

Min. Response Time189 ms
Max. Response Time1562 ms
Global Avg. Response Time696 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights100 Mobile/100 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestStable
One-Click WordPressYes
Free SSLYes
Free TrialYes

My Server Test Reports

The server is the heart of your hosting. Without proper hardware, your website will only be able to crawl. Therefore, I have started testing servers from every possible aspect before recommending them.

I follow a straightforward rule to test them; use the cheapest plan available; use GeneratePress theme; create a demo 1000 words long article with two images; use no external plugins/services while testing.

1. GTMetrix Report

GTMetrix is a website performance monitoring tool and is well-known for providing actionable recommendations to improve overall site performance. A higher GTMetrix score means a better-performing website.

Below, I’m sharing my GTMetrix report with you.

GTMetrix test report

This is an excellent report considering the fact that I did not tweak or enable the free CDN service during this test.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights Report

Google PageSpeed Insights is another well-known developer tool that provides recommendations based on overall website performance.

Below is my PageSpeed Insights report.

Google Pagespeed Insights report

3. CDN Performance Test

A content delivery network is essential to deliver content efficiently throughout the world. A CDN performance report provides an idea of server response time from the different parts of the planet. A lower response time means a better-performing website.

Below, I’m sharing a part of the CDN performance report. You can download the full report here.

CDN performance was measured using uptrends

The lowest server response time was 189 ms, while the highest one was 1562 ms. I would say this is a standard result. And I have seen a few expensive hosting performing far worse than this.

4. Server Load Test Report

A server load test provides an idea of how much traffic a website can handle during peak time. This is an important test for any website and eCommerce platform. Here we have simulated 1 to 50 concurrent virtual users browsing the website. The report is shown below.

I have performed server load test using k6.io

The violet line shows the number of user requests per second, and the blue line shows the corresponding response time. The blue line is almost flat. It indicates a very stable nature of the website even during the peak user interaction.

I’m pretty sure that the website can handle a lot more real users. So, if you expect your website to remain stable during a traffic surge, you should definitely give Templ a try.

5. Uptime Report

According to templ’s service level agreement it provides 99.95% uptime availability. A rough estimate is around 22 minutes of downtime per month.

During the one month trial period, I have tested their uptime availability and didn’t notice any downtime. This again establishes their claims.

With all these reports, I’m sure Templ provides value to its customers. This is one of the most affordable Managed WordPress hosting solutions in this price range.

Services Offered By Templ

Templ hosting emphasizes empowering individuals and businesses to design and create great WordPress websites and applications by providing a better and faster alternative to the insecure and slow shared hosting. They use Google’s robust cloud infrastructure to deliver the best hosting solutions. Here are the two main services offered by Templ:

  • Managed WordPress: The managed WordPress hosting ensures the best-in-class performance and gives you a clear competitive edge. Moreover, prompt human support helps you quickly get past any problem or issue with your web hosting. The easily scalable services enable you to update the system and increase the storage and power whenever required.

  • Managed WooCommerce: Templ has got the best managed WooCommerce hosting services for your business. Like the managed WordPress hosting, their Managed WooCommerce hosting also uses Google’s cloud infrastructure. Contrary to a website hosted on a shared server, WooCommerce hosting by Templ isolates your website from all noisy neighbors. Therefore, it naturally enables your website to maintain unbeatable uptime while curbing the loss in sales due to site downtime.

Templ.io Review in 58 seconds. Check out my YouTube Shorts.

Templ Features

With Templ, you get access to a plethora of useful features. Some of the worth mentioning features being as follows-

1. CDN and Managed Caching: Templ hosting uses Google Cloud Platform and Google CDN to load content faster on user devices irrespective of their location. And the best part is that you don’t need to manually configure the CDN as it comes pre-built. In case of confusion, just contact the support team, and they will do it for you.

Another advantage is the server-side caching facility. It is both faster and requires fewer resources than any PHP-based plugin. Moreover, you don’t need to pay hefty recurring charges for those plugins.

Install server caching plugin directly from the dashboard.
Install server caching plugin directly from the dashboard.

2. Enhanced Security: With Templ, you get access to the SSL certificate from Let’sEncrypt, and Quic encryption. Quic is a next-generation encrypted internet protocol that reduces server latency significantly.

In addition to this, they scan websites every third minute for malware and ensure the security hasn’t been compromised. 

But what if your website still gets hacked? No worries! The technical team will remove the malicious codes and restore your website. And guess what? You get all these security features without having to pay an extra dollar!

Perform different security tasks directly from the dashboard.
Perform different security tasks directly from the dashboard.

3. Free Backup and Restoration: Templ.io backs up your data every day. Not just that, each backup is kept safe for 30 days before a new copy overwrites it. And the best part, the backup data is stored on separate servers and does not get counted towards the total disk space of your hosting plan. 

create backup or restore an old backup directly from the templ.io dashboard.

It is effortless to restore the backup with a single-click backup option provided in the control panel. Moreover, if needed, you can download the backup data on your local device also.

4. Free Migration: Site migration is a difficult task, and if not done correctly, you may lose important data. You can always outsource the service, but it may cost you a lot of money. Therefore, Templ provides you with extraordinary support in migrating your website to its hosting platform. Again, unlike many other hosting providers, they don’t charge for it.

5. Professional Support: If you are not tech-savvy and require frequent technical assistance, then also Templ could be a perfect choice for you. Their 24×7 customer support services are available on both phone and email. The live chat support may also come in very handy. And it does not matter if you are an existing user or a new one; you get the undivided attention from the support team while troubleshooting a problem. 

What’s the point of hiring a managed WordPress hosting service if you do not get an immediate customer support system? 

Their customer support team can help you with site migration, code debugging and optimization, malware scan and removal, CDN, and SSL setup. They also offer site customization and development services for $100/hr. This includes CSS tweaks, custom javascript modification, and minor PHP development.

templ.io customer support

Here I would like to share my personal experience of interacting with their technical team. I needed a bit of help as I was new to their platform, and Emanuel helped me throughout the process. He patiently listened to my queries and helped to solve them as early as possible.

I have contacted them several times during the whole period, and the response was within five minutes every time.

6. Developer Tools and Staging Facility: Developers often prefer working via a command-line interface. With an SSH tool, you can easily access WordPress files using the WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI). 

free staging environment

Besides, you also get a free staging site that lets you test the website updates and plugins before making them live.

7. Scalable Solutions: Templ offers different services to meet additional requirements under separate price tags. However, you get the liberty to choose the most suitable plan for your website. Therefore there’s no harm in starting with the Micro plan and upgrading it as your website grows over time. If you still find it difficult to decide, you can opt for the month-long free trial to have a first-hand comprehensive overview of the services and features.

8. Customized Control Panel: You get a customized control panel built and designed to launch your website in less than a couple of minutes. Besides, you can always contact the support team for any assistance from the control panel itself.

templ.io control panel lets you control your all tasks from a single place.

The highly customized control panel is specifically developed to manage your WordPress website with ease. It lets you create a staging site with one click and view user stats and manage the backup from a single place.

Templ Pricing

Templ is available at highly affordable rates, and you can choose one of the five plans as per your needs. But it is pertinent to mention here that you get migration, hacked-site recovery guarantee, and safety optimization with each plan for absolutely free of cost. Below are different hosting plans and their features:

PlanMicroSmallSmall PlusMediumLarge
Cost15 USD29 USD54 USD79 USD149 USD
SuitabilityFor basic websites For the beginner websites For growing websitesFor established websiteFor huge traffic load
CPU Core1 Shared CPU Core (12.5%)2 Shared CPU Core (12.5%)2 Shared CPU Core (25%)2 Shared CPU Core (50%)4 Shared CPU Core (50%)
RAM500 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Storage5 GB SSD 10 GB SSD 18 GB SSD 25 GB SSD 50 GB SSD
Bandwidth10 GB 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB 160 GB
SSLFree Free Free Free Free
Number of WordPress install1 1 1 1 1

For each plan, you can add additional storage by paying $0.30 per GB. Also, you can add additional bandwidth if your bandwidth requirement rises beyond the allocated limit by paying an extra $0.20 per GB. Apart from that, you can get additional discounts on all the hosting plans by paying annually.

Templ Pros and Cons

No web hosting service provider can offer everything under one umbrella, and the same goes for Templ as well. While the company has a lot to offer, there are still a few things that may let you down. Rest assured, the benefits you get indeed outnumber the drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of this managed WordPress hosting provider:


  1. Optimum Performance: Being a Google Cloud Technology Partner, Templ web hosting services enable your website to deliver guaranteed uninterrupted performance.

  2. Impeccable Technology: Templ is one of the few WordPress hosting service providers that use Google Cloud and CDN for all its plans, including the Micro plan.

  3. Control Panel: With Templ, you get a user-friendly control panel specially customized for managing WordPress and WooCommerce websites from a single place.

  4. Free Trial: You can try their services free of cost for a month to get a better idea of the upsides and downsides of the platform.

  5. Excellent Customer Support: Templ provides excellent customer support. You can use telephone, email, and live chat to seek help from the experts.

  6. Tech Stack: Nginx web server, Brotli, Redis, PHP 7.4, and Quic improves the performance of your website. 

  7. Free Migration: Migrating your website from another web hosting server to Templ is straightforward and free.


  1. Bandwidth: Bandwidth allocation for Micro and Small plans is not very good.

  2. Storage: Small plans do not have adequate storage, and buying extra storage can be expensive for small businesses and individuals.

  3. Platform Limitations: This service is limited to WordPress and WooCommerce only.

  4. Number of Websites: Even the highest paid plans can host single website

My Final Thoughts on Templ Review

Templ is a great GCP-based managed WordPress hosting solution for small businesses that seek a reliable web and eCommerce hosting solutions at affordable rates. They provide enough customization and editing options to make your website fast and secure. Global CDN, free SSL certificate, and outstanding customer support make them stand apart from the crowd.

So, if you ask whether I recommend their service or not. My answer will be, yes, I do. But you don’t have to believe me blindly. Try their service for up to two months before making any decision. I’m sure you will continue with them.

I hope this Templ review has given you some new perspective on this managed WordPress hosting. Please do share your comments in the section below.

My Templ.io Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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