ThemeCloud Review: Do I Recommend It?

In the world of growing technology, it is important to have your online presence. But it is equally hard to build an advanced website from scratch as a beginner. But not with a managed WordPress hosting, as it keeps your website optimal by taking care of the technical aspects like updates, backups, and security. 

ThemeCloud is one such managed WordPress hosting company that offers some out-of-the-box features.

But is it worth the money? What are its salient features? 

In this article, I will review ThemeCloud and answer all your questions. I’m sure this ThemeCloud review will be helpful in choosing the best WordPress hosting platform for your business.

What is ThemeCloud?

ThemeCloud is a managed web hosting company that provides hosting solutions for growing web developers, freelancers, and business owners. It was established in 2014 by Laurent Vergnaud, Antoine Peyssonnel, and Alessandro Siragusa and has its headquarters in Paris that makes its website majorly dedicated to the Europeans.

ThemeCloud is a versatile managed WordPress hosting platform that empowers your website with Google Cloud infrastructure and Astra security. With a bunch of loaded features, it claims to provide access to the features that are worth much more than what you spend for hosting your website on ThemeCloud. 

Here are some of its top features.

ThemeCloud Review Summary

Min. Response Time497 ms
Max. Response Time3263 ms
Global Avg. Response Time1667 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights93 Mobile /92 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestPerformance Issue
One-Click WordPressYes
Free SSLYes

ThemeCloud Features

ThemeCloud offers plenty of features to make your website hosting experience smooth and hassle-free. Here are a few of the top features ThemeCloud offers to its clients.

  1. Free SSL Certificate: An SSL Certificate substantiates the security of your website by providing a safe transfer of data between clients and your website. At ThemeCloud, your website will get a free SSL certificate that enables you to turn HTTP to HTTPS in a single click.

  2. 1- Click Clones: ThemeCloud enables you to copy the layout from an existing website to create your website with a single click. It can save a lot of your time designing a new website.

  3. Guaranteed Security: It provides added security to its clients by enhanced security features like WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), and SSH (Secure Socket Shell).

  4. Uptime Monitoring: ThemeCloud monitors its platform to ensure 99.9% uptime so that the visitors to your website get a smooth user experience.

  5. Google Cloud Platform (GCP): ThemeCloud is powered by Google Cloud, which enables it to provide better performance and security. It is known for its fiber network and great bandwidth. GCP is best for ensuring the safety of your website. Moreover, it is responsible for how ThemeCloud manages everything from regular backups to the security of the website.

  6. Daily Backups: It automatically creates regular backups of your website data. It becomes a headache if your website crashes and you lose all of your website data. Therefore, it is better that you backup your data regularly. But ThemeCloud automatically backs up all your website data for free and allows you to manage it according to your needs.

  7. Astra Security Pro: Hackers can have an eye on your website, and you might be their next prey. Therefore, it is essential to have high security on your website. ThemeCloud offers you Astra Security, which automatically identifies malware threats on your website and eliminates the same.
  8. Team Access: ThemeCloud allows you to permit different team members to access the control of your website with dedicated permissions viz. admin, developer, and editor. From the dashboard, you can invite people to join your projects. Your credentials will remain confidential. However, if you want to give credits to others, ThemeCloud provides you with an option to do that as well.

  9. Fast Support: Creating a website can be hard. You might get issues and need help. Therefore, ThemeCloud offers 24×7 support. You can access their support in two ways-

    • Chat: Chat is one of the most convenient options to get support. ThemeCloud’s website is partially in the french language. But the support team does convey in English. The team is very supportive and ensures to clear all your doubts. 

    • Email: Email is the second option to getting support. But it might not be the best option to get instant replies. Don’t expect an instant answer to your mail. It might take longer than you expect.

  10. NGINX / PHP 7+: ThemeCloud performs on NGINX servers with the latest versions of PHP. By default, you get access to the FastCGI process manager.

ThemeCloud Performance: My Performance Test Results

ThemeCloud claims to offer several features along with a standard WordPress hosting plan. However, the quality of the server is the most critical aspect of any hosting service. 

Google Cloud Platform is undoubtedly one of the best places to host. But does ThemeCloud really perform well? Let’s check how it performs during my test.

I subscribed to their cheapest plan at $10 per month and hosted a demo WordPress website to their platform for this test.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed insights score was more than 90 for both desktop and mobile devices. This number is considered good; however, the Speed Index was less than optimal on both devices. Check Desktop result here.

While reviewing themecloud, I tested the website performance with Google PageSpeed Insights

2. GTmetrix Report:

GTmetrix grade was a perfect “A.” Performance, structure, and other Web Vitals were also good. However, if you look carefully, the TTFB was well above the recommended value of 200 ms. I expected a lesser value of TTFb as ThemeCloud is not an entry-level hosting service like Bluehost or Hostinger.

Again the performance was tested with GTmetrix

3. CDN Performance Test:

CDN performance test checks the response time of a website from different locations. I used 43 different places to perform this test. Below is a screenshot of a part of the report.

CDN performance test was performed to check global performance.

The best performing location was Amsterdam (497 ms), the closest location from Belgium, where the website was hosted. The worst performing location was Hong Kong (3263 ms). Check it here. Then, I calculated the average of 43 places to get an idea of the global average response time, and it came out to be 1667 ms.

I’m not impressed at all with this number as I have seen much better results in this category.

4. Website Load Test:

It tests how much traffic a website can handle at a time. For this, I have used a maximum of 50 concurrent requests per second while writing this ThemeCloud review.

The result is shown below.

First website load test was performed from Ashburn and the result was not impressive

The result was very disappointing to me as it could not handle the traffic. The Peak Responses per second that it could handle were slightly more than 17. Moreover, the response time was not steady at all.

One possible reason for such poor performance could be the distance between the server and test location. The server was in Belgium, whereas the test was performed from Ashburn.

So, I changed the test location to the nearest possible region, Frankfurt.

So, I performed the test again from Frankfurt. Again the performance was not good at all.

Even from there, I noticed a subpar performance, which made me conclude that the host was not as good as claimed.

5. Uptime Report

ThemeCloud promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Which is comparable to some shared hosting plans. However, this doesn’t mean that your website will remain out of business for around 40 minutes every month. In fact, during a test period of about 578 hrs, I didn’t face any server downtime.

during a test period of 578 hrs, I didn't face any server downtime.

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ThemeCloud PROS & CONS

Like any other hosting, ThemeCloud also has its benefits and drawbacks. Here is the detailed comparison of the pros and cons of ThemeCloud hosting-


  1. Free Migration: Do you already own a website that you want to migrate to ThemeCloud? It allows you to do so for free. You don’t need to worry about your data or any other issues. You’ll get assistance from a knowledgeable support team.

  2. Free Recovery: ThemeCloud offers the highest security with Astra Security pro. But if by any chance your website gets hacked or crashed, it will recover your website data for free. 

  3. Free Automatic Backups: ThemeCloud creates a backup of your website data every day, free of cost. 

  4. Free SSL Certificate: Google promotes safe websites to the users. SSL certificate ensures safety for the visitors. That’s why ThemeCloud offers a free SSL certificate to all its clients.

  5. Pre-Designed Websites: Another great feature is pre-designed websites.

  6. Full-Time Support: Your hosting company must provide full-time support. ThemeCloud ensures that all the users are satisfied with the support they give.


  1. Performance Issue: I have tested their cheapest plan and noticed a severe performance issue.

  2. Limited Websites: ThemeCloud allows you to host only one website with each plan. You cannot have more than one website with a single account. 

  3. One Data Center: One of the most crucial drawbacks of ThemeCloud is that it only has one data center. Belgium is the only place where you can host your websites. It can be a little problematic for places like Asia and Australia that are far away from Belgium. Western Counties can experience high loading speed.

  4. No Money-Back Guarantee: ThemeCloud does not offer any money-back policy to its users. You can try their plans out for two days.

ThemeCloud Pricing

Here is the tabulated comparison of the plans offered by ThemeCloud along with the features.

1 WordPress install 1 WordPress install1 WordPress install1 WordPress install1 WordPress install1 WordPress install
25K visits per month100K visits per month250K visits per month500K visits per month1000K visits per month2000K visits per month
25 GB Bandwidth100 GB Bandwidth100 GB Bandwidth500 GB Bandwidth1000 GB Bandwidth2000 GB Bandwidth
99.9% guaranteed monthly uptime99.9% guaranteed monthly uptime99.9% guaranteed monthly uptime99.9% guaranteed monthly uptime99.9% guaranteed monthly uptime

My Final Thoughts On ThemeCloud Review

Do I recommend ThemeCloud?

No. Considering the severe performance issues that I noticed during the test, I can’t recommend ThemeCloud to my readers. Again, I want to clarify that I have only tested the cheapest plan, and my conclusion is based on that.

So, what do I recommend?If your budget is around $10/per month, Nestify (Read Review) or Wordify (Read review) could be good choices. For anything more expensive, Rocket hosting (Read Review) should be your best bet.

ThemeCloud Review: Do I Recommend It?
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