7 Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Writing Impactful

It is easy to get lost in all the glitz and glamour of the language when you are just starting out your blog writing journey. That is why it is important to develop some basic strategies to make your blog writing impactful.

So, here I am discussing – 7 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Blog Writing Impactful. I am sure that it will help young bloggers who want to succeed in the field of blogging.

Blog writing is both an art and a science.

I know it is a contradictory statement but it is true in case of several soft skills and blog writing is undoubtedly one of them.

While there is no exact formula for writing an engaging blog post but the language, grammar and the basics of method writing can be learned easily.

Writing skills improve with consistent practice and expert guidance but creativity and ideas come from within. Some people are born with gifted writing skills but for most of us, the knowledge of language and writing style is essential.

If we dig deeper into the history of literature, we will find both conventional and non-conventional writers. They both succeeded and failed. So, it is very difficult to define what makes a writer successful.

If readers like your writings, you become a successful writer. The same is true for the digital world. If you can influence your readers, you become a successful blogger.

1. Read Regularly

Reading is an eternal source of creativity. Some bloggers often fall short of words, and ideas. This may happen because they do not spend time on reading quality content.

Spending some time reading books, novels, and other blogs will boost your creativity and the ideas will flow naturally.

However, don’t limit yourself in the field of your interest. Diversify your reading habit.

How can it help you?

Reading articles from different writers will help you to recognize the difference between good and bad writings. Also, it will help you to avoid the mistakes made by other bloggers.

As a professional blogger, you have to write every day.

It won’t be an occasional job anymore. But writing regularly on the same topic could make your content dull and repetitive.

Reading some quality content by well-known writers can make you prosper in terms of ideas and vocabulary. It will ignite fresh ideas and words will flow automatically.

Another point that I want to emphasize here is- reading selectively.

Choose the right books or blogs that motivate you positively. Contrarily, inferior content will deteriorate your skills.

Always remember, a good writer is always a great reader and learner.

2. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the key to success. A successful blogger always understands what his audience wants to read from him.

One of the biggest misconceptions among several new bloggers is that if they use less frequent or difficult words then it will make a positive impression. But the reality is just the opposite.

Readers like to read content that is easy to comprehend and keeps them engaged.

Suppose you are reading an extract and suddenly an unknown word comes in your way; now the flow of your reading will be hampered. So, avoid using difficult words that can hamper the readability.

Blogging is not a competition to show off your vocabulary. Instead, it is an attempt to convey your message in the simplest form.

A blogger should choose words wisely. 

Sometimes the purpose and the mental level of prospective readers also decide the wordings of content.

If you are writing a scholarly article or drafting a professional mail then you have to follow the standard protocol.

But in the case of informal writing try to make your content as universal as possible.

How can it help you?

A blog or article with simple words and small sentences is considered as universal. People of different age groups and educational backgrounds can easily understand it. And more readers means; more traffic and more ads.

Whether it’s a blog or a business website; if you come up with universal content then the chances of success are high.

3. Make it clear

Successful bloggers are clear about the message that they want to convey to their readers.

There should be-

  • Clarity
  • Proper usage of words
  • Systematic structure of sentences

These are some of the things which will help you in balancing the quality of your work.

How can it help you?

The message of the writer should be crystal clear. It will keep your readers abided with the content and will help in user engagement as well.

4. Avoid redundancy

Redundant words are those which are used for no reason but often complicate the content and understandability of the article.

So, avoid such redundancies from your article to make it more lively and understandable.

 How can it help you?

Usage of redundant words may sometimes misinterpret the whole idea that the writer wishes to convey.

Thorough editing is needed whenever a writer finishes a draft. Proofreading will enhance the readability of the content and makes the content crisp and clear.

I use Grammarly for my proofreading works. ProWritingAid is another proofreading software which can help you to improve the quality of your writing.

5. Keep a close eye on the readers

As a blogger, you should be well aware of your audience. Your thoughts and ideas should satisfy readers’ expectations.

Interacting with them, collecting their feedback and suggestions will help in gaining more readers as well as retaining the existing ones.

How can it help you?

When you judge your writing from the perspective of a reader it gives you unbiased feedback. This further can enhance your writing quality.

If you want to target youths then you should select the theme and layout as per the taste of them.

On the other hand, if your content is focused on kids then you may include images and cartoons that attract them.

Pictorial representation is very impactful while addressing kids.

A target-based content is more capable of satisfying the readers. In fact, you can earn popularity as a “youth icon”, “fiction champ”, “gossip queen “or “ love guru” in quick time through this approach.

6. Writing is not a job, it’s a passion

A strong passion and desire are the best motivational tools one could ask for.

A blogger should set himself free. Let the creativity flow through his writing. Benefit-oriented writing will only influence your work negatively and will result in disappointment.

As a blogger, you should nourish your skills.

Turn writing as a passion. Make it a learning opportunity rather than a job.

How can it help you?

The major difference between a job and a passion is intent.

If you write something for your enjoyment, and satisfaction then it will come out from your heart which will consequently increase the chances of success.

When you pick up the pen or start typing through the keyboard, forget the whole world and put all your efforts to make the ongoing content the best.

7. Editing and Proofreading

“Editing articles will kill their confidence,” is one of the most commonly accepted myths among writers.

A writer could be under a lot of influences and it may reflect in his writing.

An editor can rectify these mistakes and assist the writer in conveying what he actually wants to convey.

How can it help you?

It is needless to say that editing and proofreading are the most important part of any publishing process.

If the reader finds any spelling mistake or typo in your content then it will affect your credibility and he/she may never come back to your blog.

After finishing your writing, you should spend sufficient time on editing the content to remove redundant components.

The next step should be proofreading.

For some writers including me, the task of editing and proofreading takes more time than writing. Nonetheless, I consider this time as an investment for improving the level of writing.

In general, I prefer to proofread my content at least two times before publishing them online.


If you follow the suggestions mentioned above then it will definitely improve your writing skills.

It takes time to produce quality content. I’m sure you will grow as a ProBlogger if you spend this time judiciously.

In the coming days, we will bring several informative articles written by established bloggers and eminent writers to help the budding writers. So, keep visiting our website regularly.

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