Virtual Assistant Cover Letter

Virtual assistant is a relatively new addition in the job portfolios of companies. Its nature varies significantly from the rest of the roles. This makes writing virtual assistant cover letters challenging for some applicants.

The term “virtual assistant” encompasses a wide range of job roles, which could be very different from one another in terms of qualification, skill, and job requirements.

That is why it is often rather tricky to streamline and offer a guideline for writing a cover letter for this position. However, one thing that is common to all these positions is that the employees work remotely for the organizations.

In this article, I will try to formulate a broad framework of cover letter that can be customized as per individual requirements.

The Significance of a Cover Letter

Someone who has the slightest idea of a Virtual Assistant will never question the significance of a cover letter in the process of a job application.

The employer, in this case, maybe from a faraway land, and hence there is little or no way to communicate at an individual level.

It may so happen that both the employer and the employee may not see each other during their interaction. Therefore, there is minimal possibility of assessing the suitability of the applicant through a face to face interview session.

The interaction will always be online – be it through email, phone, texts, or video conferencing.

The online modes of communications may have bridged the communication gaps but have not been proved to be a very effective means to evaluate the candidature of an applicant for a job role.

Thus, companies recruiting virtual assistants may largely depend on the quality of the cover letter and resume to understand the individual and assess their competence.

Take A Different Approach to Personalize Your Virtual Assistant Cover Letter

Unlike other cover letters, when you are applying for the post of a virtual assistant, you need not express your interest in working in the company or the job.

Instead, you must show empathy and understanding of the business problem that has led the company to post the job online.

In your opening paragraph, show that you understand how time-consuming and tedious certain things can be and how you are eager to help them out.

Like any other cover letter, you can use formal salutations like ‘Dear Mr. (Last Name),” or “Dear Ms. (Last Name),” or informal greetings such as “Hi (First Name),” depending on the type of job and company you are applying for.

Demonstrate Your Personality

The personality of a virtual assistant becomes more critical than your qualifications or skills. The geographical distance between the employer and the employee makes the supervision least in such jobs.

Employers highly depend on the individual integrity and trustworthiness of the virtual assistant. Thus, to be considered as a competent virtual assistant, you must showcase these aspects of your personality.

Moreover, a virtual assistant must appear real and adjusting. Therefore, if you want to stand out, choose words judiciously. It should reflect the uniqueness of your personality.

Always remember you should highlight those personality traits that are suitable for the virtual assistant job you are eyeing at. If you are applying for a Virtual Assistant position for a music store, go ahead and talk about your favorite song or your inclination for music.

It is better to keep the tone of the letter informal but professional so that you appear to be an approachable person.

Radiate Confidence

Since your potential employer cannot see you, your cover letter should exude confidence. It is the confidence that is a quintessential quality employer look for in a virtual assistant.

They want to be sure that the person they are employing understands the job and has the confidence to carry out the assigned tasks remotely with minimum supervision.

What you must do share a few good reasons that will convince the reader that you can be of some help to them.

It can be your previous work experience, your people-friendly personality, or software skills, or your understanding of certain types of jobs and their requirements.

However, if you are new and lack experience, refrain from mentioning that in the cover letter.

Highlight what you are capable of doing. Focus on your attributes that the company can use to resolve their problem.

Also, make a point to mention that you are comfortable working online and equipped with the necessary tools that will enable you to work remotely.

Credentials Are Important

Whether the job post asks or not ensures that you have attached relevant and authentic documents and credentials along with your cover letter for a better evaluation of your application.

Try to attach work samples if available. It will prove that you are ready to begin work immediately and do not need training or hand-holding. This will enhance your chances of being selected.

Ensure Availability

The availability of the virtual assistant is another prerequisite of the job.

If there is a time difference between the employer and the virtual assistant, the issue of availability becomes overpowering.

Mention that you are comfortable with the shifts and time difference and will be available during the period.

Showcase Your Understanding

Whatever be the field in which you are applying for a Virtual Assistant job, showcase that you understand that field and have the knowledge and understanding needed to perform the tasks.

Communication Skill

The essential quality that a virtual assistant must have is excellent communication skills.

Your cover letter must be a testimony of your written communication skills. Be very careful about the choice of words and the usage of grammar.

Proofread the letter before sending it across to the employer.

Keep the letter one page long with three to four short paragraphs. Use fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial with font size, not more than 12.

A Sample Virtual Analyst Cover Letter

Dear Mr/Ms. XYZ,

I came across your job post on and realized that you are looking for a competent VA who can help you with marketing and customer care activities along with offering assistance in administrative and research requirements.

My educational qualifications, skills, and two years of work experience in the field of marketing seem to make me the perfect fit for this position. I have always been a people-centric individual, which helps me in dealing with customers in the CRM department. I have some expertise in social media management as well. My previous employer appreciated my online research skills.

Being a netizen by nature, I find working remotely very fascinating and enjoy the freedom that it entails. I have always been a dependable person who believes in discharging duties on time and does not hesitate to ask for help if needed. I am available during the shift 9:30 p.m. – 6:30 a.m. IST.

I have attached relevant documents that speak about my eligibility for this job. Now, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Your Name

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