Vultr Promo Code: $100 Welcome Bonus

Are you looking for a Vultr Promo Code? Look no further as I will share my Vultr discount coupon to kickstart your online startup.

Vultr is a DIY cloud hosting company and is quite different from traditional hosting services present in the market. There are numerous benefits of switching to Vultr from any shared hosting services, speed being the foremost one. They provide unmatched cloud hosting solutions at an unbeatable price. Besides this, we also have a $100 cash bonus that can be utilized to test their high-end servers for one-month.

I’m sure it should be enough motivation to try the Vultr.

How to Use Vultr Promo Code to Get a $100 Cash Bonus?

Below, I have mentioned how you can avail of the cash bonus using my promo code. Please follow the instructions verbatim. 

I want to disclose that the link shared below is an affiliate link. It may reward me with monetary benefits if you use this link. However, it will not cost you any additional charge.

Step 1: Click here to visit Vultr official page. The link will open in a new tab so that you can follow the instructions easily.

Step 2: Provide your email address and password to create a new account.

vultr registration

Step 3: Once the account is created, you will be routed to the billing page. You can top up your account with any amount or link your credit card. Here, a cash bonus of $100 will be automatically added to your account.

vultr promo code $100 welcome bonus

Step 4: Verify your email address and deploy a cloud as per your needs.

What is Vultr?

Vultr provides state-of-the-art SSD cloud servers and stands by the ideology of providing reliable and high-performing service and scalability provisions. Besides cloud service, the company also excels in providing cloud storage and single-tenant bare metal servers.

Having 17 data centres in various cities worldwide, it becomes really simple and easy to launch a cloud server either for yourself or your client. With one of the largest networks worldwide, the company assures to come up with a low-latency infrastructure solution to all.

The company aims at providing a reliable hosting platform for developers that helps them excel in their profession and surpass expectations, and they do this with a standardized platform for all.

Founded by David Aninowsky seven years back, the company is now the proud owner of more than 20 million cloud server instances, 100,000+ customers from over 150 countries, and is a reasonably big team consisting of 50+ developers and engineers. Getting an insight into the features available in Vultr can give us a fair idea about its performance.

What Makes Vultr Different From Others?

Vultr provides several services, such as Cloud Computing, Block Storage service, and Dedicated instances, each of which comes with its benefits.

1. Advanced Network

The availability of advanced networking options helps any business get benefits from high-level customizations and scalability with cloud infrastructure. You can make use of your very own IP space and the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing any traffic to the next best geographic location that guarantees faster delivery of the content to the user. Be assured of a superb end-user experience this way. If you already have a corporate network, you can extend it to the Vultr cloud using the Vultr Direct Connect.

Different companies have different bandwidth requirements. However, the Direct Connect provisioning is suitable for low and high bandwidths and guarantees to minimize latency between your company and the Vultr platform. Additional bandwidth requirements cost differently. This Direct connect option is presently available in 7 locations (in Asia, Europe, and North America). The company plans to extend it to all their other places as well. Some of the benefits offered by this feature include increased performance, better security, and reduced costs.

The most critical aspect of any website is its security, and Vultr knows about this very well. That’s why they have the automatic DDoS mitigation service working perfectly to obstruct any DDoS attacks in a couple of minutes. Such an added protection helps your website function optimally without any glitches with up to 10Gbps of mitigation capacity. As for now, the attack mitigation service is available in 11 locations where any website stays secure without any speed-related malignancies.

The Vultr network team supports low latency checks for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks and provides secure private networks that can be used anytime. You can reserve IPs and use them whenever needed as and when you create or destroy networks.

2. User-friendly Control Panel

All of us love to have a simple and accessible control panel. Vultr doesn’t disappoint us in this regard, as the control panel is designed with the end-user in mind. The custom control panel allows you to launch new instances rapidly using any device. Don’t worry about installations, as all your desired features can be done with a one-click mechanism. By enabling faster installation, you get ample time to focus on your development and other business-related issues.

Server management is as easy as possible. If you have any doubts, you can always look into their documentation regarding any queries. Start or reboot servers, come up with new images, don’t hesitate to reinstall the operating system, reboot a system without logging off, and more using Vultr’s intuitive control panel. The control panel is also your gateway to look at billing, support, affiliates, account status, bandwidth and CPU usage, and your charges as a summary on one page.

You can access the control panel even from a tablet or mobile app, which helps you stay updated regarding your website’s functioning. Such availability is a blessing in disguise for on-call engineers as it gives them the independence to connect and find solutions to any problems with the server even when they don’t have access to the physical computer. Using the control panel, you can:

Manage Teams: Give restricted access to users to your account.

Allow Single Sign-On: Be calm and manage a huge team using OneLogin and Okta’s cloud solutions.

API Access: Make use of the control panel to create API keys inside your primary account and sub-account. It is also possible to add additional layers of security by preparing an access list for IPs.

Follow-up on Server Performance: Come to know the peak activity period of your application and follow-up on its performance using server health graphs.

MFA: Improve security to your account by integrating the account with SSO or multi-factor authentication.

3. Various Operating System

Vultr provides high customization options. It has built-in support for various systems such as Windows, Ubuntu, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Fedora CoreOS, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS. You are free to create any of these operating system combinations from any of the 17 locations where the hosting company’s data centers are located.

Beyond these options, it is also possible to upload your very own operating system if that’s what you like. All these are clear indications that you have utmost flexibility in choosing your preferred one. With such a wide variety of options, you are free to choose an OS that works better for your software.

Vultr Hosting Options

There are a couple of hosting options offered by Vultr, each of which is discussed below.

1. Cloud Compute: This is a cloud-based hosting service that guarantees local SSD and Intel CPUs that perform exceptionally well. Available in all 17 locations, you can deploy any OS of your choice instantly. By doing this, you are guaranteed root access to API instances, server instances, and the control panel that helps in managing the A-Z of your website.

2. Bare Metal: If your website is full of information and resources, don’t forget to choose Vultr’s Bare Metal hosting option. The working principle here is just like that of the dedicated server, but you get the additional luxury of customizing it. Be in total control of the environment and gain 100% access to the hardware that supports your website. The Bare Metal hosting plan is the most powerful option that’s best-suited for those who wish to spend minimum time on system admin work.

3. Object Storage: You are the boss here as you get to choose your desired storage limits and pay only for the data (audio, video, and image files) that you store. The plan works well with S3-based applications and third-party tools. The plan is reliable and inexpensive but offers various features such as disaster recovery, saving historical logs, and storing massive data sets.

4. Block Storage: SSD-backed and readily available for all storage needs, Block Storage, is most advantageous in managing space with flexibility and ease. Vultr Block Storage (VBS) makes your data available 99.9999% and can be replicated across clusters. The data transfer has a commendable speed and excellent IO performance helping your business grow. For those with ample data who wish to keep it forever, the Block Storage option is the way to go.

5. Dedicated Cloud Instances: Decide your share in the cloud server according to your needs—it could be 25, 50, 75, or 100% of the dedicated server that offers an hourly billing rate. The plan is an alternative to the Bare Metal plan, and you get extra flexibility with dedicated server options. Avoid poky neighbors with enhanced firewall protection and DDoS Protection, helping you stay at peace.

6. Load Balancers: Users love a reliable application that loads in a couple of seconds when they choose to use this option. Fully-configured cloud-based load balancers can be deployed from Vultr’s customer portal with a single click. Security and scalability are guaranteed, and the powerful API manages all clusters very well.

Vultr Promo Code Pros and Cons

Just like all other hosting plans, Vultr has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Vultr Pros

One-Click Application: While we can use codes and scripts to install applications, if you want a rapid deployment of software, use the one-click installer. Some of the most popular apps installed with a single click include cPanel, Drupal, Magenta, Joomla!, MediaWiki, PrestaShop, and WordPress. 

Don’t hesitate to install Minecraft servers also.

A Wide Range of Operating Systems: Vultr provides the flexibility to make umpteen changes to the OS and configure files. You get the company’s support for various OS such as Windows, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, CoreOS, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora. You can also upload your bootable file if you wish to.

Friendly Control Pane: Get a superb control panel that gives access to various features and is also available as a mobile app. The panel is robust and user-friendly, helping launch new instances. The interface is easy to use compared to many other companies.

Multi-server Location: Be it from Tokyo, London, or Australia, you can launch your cloud server instance from anywhere in the world.

Besides these, Vultr is a stable cloud infrastructure that offers users a wide range of plans and pricing. Hence, we can choose our desired one based on our business requirements. Save costs as the hourly and monthly billing feature is available, thereby ensuring value for money. Above all, expect rapid server deployment in well under a minute which sets your business rolling in no time.

Vultr Cons

Outages: Despite guaranteed 100% uptime, there have been a couple of problems—node-related problems and instances of outages rarely.

Needs Technical Knowledge: Vultr is a blessing in disguise for tech-savvy individuals. However, if you are new to technical stuff, you will find it challenging to handle the server. 

Customer Support: Customer support is critical when we run a website, but Vultr is quite disappointing in this aspect. They provide only ticket support where you can type your queries and email support. There is no provisioning of live chat or phone support for the end-user. Still, many FAQs and related guides are present on the website that might help us deal with numerous issues.

Payment: The payment has to be made on the 1st of every month, and you don’t get any flexibility in this regard. Still, the value for money is a bonus here. You can use your credit cards to make payments.

No Refund Policy: Vultr has no return policy. If you want to stop using the plans, you must destroy the active instances until which charges remain applicable. It is better that you know about your cancellation request in advance. This helps plan your account balance accordingly. It’s because account refunds are not possible once the amount is deposited.

Vultr Pricing and Plans

Vultr offers a transparent pricing policy, and they never confuse customers like others. Take the liberty to use the existing plans or build your own as hourly or monthly rates are available as per usage. I wouldn’t say that the cost is cheap, but it is definitely worth your expense, and above all, you get the independence to pay for what you use. 

An additional perk, you get a $100 cash bonus from us, using which you can try Vultr for a month and then decide whether it serves your purpose. 

Let’s take a broader look at how each of the plans is priced.

Cloud Compute: The base pricing starts at $2.50/month and $0.004/hr and goes up to $640month and $0.925/hr based on variations in storage capacity.

Bare Metal: Choose this plan if you are ready to pay $0.179/hr or $120/month. Here, you get a 5000GB bandwidth, 10GBe Ethernet, and 4 cores, 8 thread processors at 3.8Gz speed. Other variations for this hosting type are coming soon.

Object Storage: The most flexible plans of all where you pay for only what you use. Select your storage and bandwidth needs based on which the pricing is calculated. For 250GB of storage and 1000GB of bandwidth, the pricing stands at $5.00/month. From thereon, every additional GB stored costs $0.02 and $0.01 per additional GB transferred.

Block Storage: The base price is $1.00/month for 10GB storage and an additional $0.10 for every additional GB stored.

Dedicated Cloud: Rent for an hour, month, or year apart or the whole of the dedicated server for use. The various pricing options here include:

  • For 120GB of storage: $60/month or $0.089/h
  • For 2*120GB of storage: $120/month or $0.179/h
  • For 3*120GB of storage: $180/month or $0.268/h
  • For 4*120GB of storage: $240/month or $0.357/h

The bandwidth and Memory vary depending on the plan you select.

Load Balancers: The plan is priced at $10.0/month or $0.015/hr

Vultr Promo Code: My final thoughts

Vultr focuses on providing fast cloud computing service to customers that’s easy, capable, and reliable to use for any web application. If you are looking for a highly customizable DIY hosting solution, don’t hesitate to go with Vultr. It stands as one of the best hosting providers with its multiple OS and ability to pay by hourly usage. And with our Vultr promo code, no one can beat their

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