What Is Amazon Lightsail? Is This VPS Worth Your Money?

Regardless of their size and scale, online businesses require a virtual private server at one stage to address the growth and revenue. And when it comes to hosting your business website on a reliable VPS, no one can compete with Amazon Web Services.

However, unpredictable pricing and the need for trained system administrators make it almost impossible for new businesses to invest in AWS. To address this issue, Amazon introduced an easy to deploy VPS service known as Lightsail.

Amazon Lightsail is an affordable option for startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other users looking for a straightforward VPS solution.

This Amazon Lightsail Review will cover in-depth information about what Amazon Lightsail is, what features it dispenses, its pros and cons, pricing plans, and some inch-perfect alternatives.

What is Amazon Lightsail?

Came into existence in 2016, Amazon Lightsail helps developers to create and manage websites and applications using cloud technology, raw computing power, SSD storage, and networking facilities.

It is a highly affordable and easy-to-use platform that provides virtual private server solutions. Lightsail is one of the numerous cloud services offered by AWS. The service is primarily intended for those who are new to cloud computing or inexperienced cloud users.

Amazon Lightsail  Features

Some of AWS Lightsail’s prominent features are

  • Virtual Servers: Virtual servers make it simple for anyone to launch websites and apps. Easy to install instances manage the incoming traffic efficiently to your website while enabling you to grow your business.
  • Object Storage: Concerned about storing essential information that may come into use in the future? Object storage lets you store your files and database efficiently.
  • Load Balancing: Manage and segregate incoming traffic using load balancers. Provide a seamless experience to your potential customers.
  • Managed Databases: You don’t have to worry about keeping your databases up to date while using Amazon Lightsail managed databases. The system is designed to bring together all the requirements, including storage and transfer, into a single package.

You can also get an efficient container service, easy upgradation to EC2, and quick access to all AWS products. Apart from this, Lightsail also allows you to browse through different OS templates and applications. What can be better than this?

Lightsail Pros and Cons

Some Pros and Cons of Amazon Lightsail are as follows.


  • A predictable model lets you guess your expenditure. After increasingly surfacing complaints regarding the overpriced bills, the fixed pricing model launched by Amazon Lightsail has taken everyone by surprise. 
  • Lightsail provides you with a manual scaling option. If you do not feel satisfied with your current plan, manually upgrade or downgrade it. The scaling ensures that no data is lost in the process. 
  • The User Interface is easy and convenient to use. It is as easy as clicking the icons and does not demand more time to learn. 
  • The networking used is simple and easy to understand. It is beneficial for startups and newbies. You can easily create static IPs as well as DNS configurations.


  • The only drawback of using Amazon Lightsail is that it is not a good fit for enterprise workloads. If you are a business giant, you might have to give a second thought to your decision.

AWS Lightsail Pricing

Amazon Lightsail provides the option of using both Linux/Unix and Windows servers. However, they are available at different prices and features.

Linux Servers Pricing

Price/monthRAMCore ProcessorSSD StorageBandwidth
$3.50512 MB120 GB1 TB
$51 GB140 GB2 TB
$102 GB160 GB3 TB
$204 GB280 GB4 TB
$408 GB2160 GB5 TB
$8016 GB4320 GB6 TB
$16032 GB8640 GB7 TB

Windows Servers Pricing

Price/monthMemory Core Processor StorageTransfer
$8 512 MB130 GB1 TB 
$121 GB140 GB2 TB
$202 GB160 GB3 TB
$404 GB280 GB4 TB
$708 GB2160 GB5 TB
$12016 GB4320 GB6 TB
$24032 GB8640 GB7 TB

Amazon Lightsail Alternatives

There are inch-perfect alternatives available to what AWS Lightsail does. We will look at the best three alternatives of this fantastic service, namely Vultr, Contabo, and Digital Ocean (popularly abbreviated as DO).


Introduced in 2014, Vultr has made some achievements over the years that have led users around the globe to doubt their decision of going with Amazon Lightsail.

Vultr, unlike Amazon Lightsail, offers not just VPS but also dedicated hosting and has data centers in 10 major countries. For the past few years, the platform has been consistently recognized as the best VPS hosting platform.

The average provisioning time for Vultr is 63 secs as opposed to Amazon Lightsail’s 53 secs. The overall performance is rated to be better than Amazon Lightsail.


Established as a service company in 2003, Contabo has far more experience than Amazon Lightsail in providing products and services. But, what makes it be in line with a company that started hosting its services roughly 13 years after it?

Let us see! The data centers for Contabo are only limited to three countries, while those of Amazon Lightsail go up to 10 countries. The CPUs and Intel core processors are rated better for Contabo than for Amazon light sail.

Last but not least, Contabo offers fewer VPS and dedicated hosting products than Amazon Lightsail and charges at more affordable rates.

If interested, you can read my Contabo review.

Digital Ocean 

DO came into the market in 2012 and has its headquarter in the USA. The data centers for this service providing company are present in over seven countries, and it has won the 2nd best VPS award for the years 2019 to 2021.

The average provisioning time for DigitalOcean is 25 seconds compared to the 53 secs of Amazon Lightsail. Other than this, the only difference between DO and Amazon Lightsail is in its Control Panel. They both have their dedicated dashboards.

Final Takeaway

Amazon Lightsail could be a good option for businesses with diverse requirements and preferences for website hosting. Powered by Amazon Web Services, Lightsail is undoubtedly a one-stop hosting destination for the ones who are looking for an affordable, reliable, and easily scalable VPS.

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