What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In today’s world, creating a website and running it on WordPress is a common occurrence, but on second thoughts, it is indeed rare to find individuals who have the skills to manage upgrades, monitor servers, and fine tune management skills.

Many websites run on WordPress, and hence, it makes sense that we have a dedicated hosting type specially designed for handling WordPress, and Managed WordPress does this.

What Do We Mean by Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting service wherein all the technical intricacies involved in running WordPress is taken care of by the host. If you delve deeper, technical aspects include speed, security, backups, uptime, scalability, performance, and more. Other features included with this hosting service include website migration, scanning for viruses, caching, WordPress updates, and creating staging sites.

In a nutshell, WordPress hosting oversees all WordPress-related technicalities such as security issues besides offering a 1-click WordPress installation or migration. Generally, hosts run multiple software, and hence, many of them don’t optimize one exclusive software.  For instance, they might run a Joomla site, a WordPress site, and more. A managed WordPress host specializes in running the WordPress site and assures A1 service—right from taking care of the OS and command-line tools to the file system. When a host offers customized WordPress service, the company takes every effort to highlight WordPress’s advantages while minimizing its disadvantages such that the output is commendable.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Run as an exclusive hosting type by some hosting companies, Managed WordPress Hosting thrives as one of the best hosting types available to customers. It’s a pleasure to realize that there are some benefits available only in this hosting type.

  • WordPress functions dynamically, and increased traffic can affect server resources, thereby impacting uptime and site availability. Any hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting comes to our rescue here as they take every optimized step possible to keep our site responsive and functional at all times.
  • If a company takes care of multiple hosting types, there are ample chances that they face difficulty in handling WordPress-related technical issues. If you have any concerns and the concerned support technician isn’t knowledgeable to handle it, you lose precious business time that, in turn, leads to loss of finance. But, in managed WordPress Hosting, the customer service individuals expertise in WordPress-related areas and hence, find it easy to find solutions to all kinds of problems.
  • One of the most commendable features of managed WordPress hosting is undeniable performance and uptime that means that we can expect high-performance— such hosts also guarantee the use of the latest technology and architecture.
  • All updates, including security and WordPress-related ones, happen automatically. The host sends notifications of any updates well in advance such that you have time to prepare
  • Automatic and manual backups happen regularly such that you don’t lose any important data, and restoration is easier.
  • A one-click staging environment helps you test your latest updates, changes, PHP, and plugins on a different site from your production site. Hence, testing is made extremely simple and doesn’t affect your website’s performance at any time.
  • Ability to get your WordPress site up and running in no time using the automatic WordPress setup option provided by the host company. Just use the WordPress install feature that comes loaded with all necessary database connections. 
  • The WordPress hosting dashboard is user-friendly, straightforward, and simple. The dashboard is a resource database as it helps gain insight into visitor/usage statistics, provides others with access to your account, prompts in case of outdated plugins, presents the current WordPress version used, and more that help individuals improve their overall usability and performance.
  • Assured rapid page loading time as WordPress hosting takes care of your website’s server-level caching, thereby speeding up your site speed. When server-level caching is present, it helps you bypass the WordPress caching plugin, thereby optimizing performance to a great extent.
  • Managed WordPress hosting guarantees one of the highest levels of security. For instance, if any popular plugin has a security leak that other hosts cannot do anything about, your WordPress hosting company helps stop installing the plugin, or if it has already been installed, even helps in the deactivation of the plugin. WordPress-specific hosts act faster, react smarter, and provide efficient security solutions compared to other hosts.
  • Scalability is another commendable feature of WordPress hosts as they come fully equipped to handle sudden traffic spikes with plenty of resources allocated to your site.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • You enjoy all the advantages of a WordPress-only host, but, at the same time, such provisioning is also disadvantageous as you cannot get any other site. Sometimes you might be able to run different sites, but mostly, they become inactive once the host discovers them
  • Many plugins (such as third-party) are banned by Managed WordPress hosts but with a good reason such as security or performance. Better security can never be a disadvantage unless you are desperate to use the blocked plugin for some purpose
  • The pricing is expensive and mostly on the higher side as there is no compromise made on the quality and features

Is Managed WordPress Hosting the Best Plan to Meet Your Needs?

Ask yourself whether you have a small or medium-scale business running, if your website attracts high-level traffic, or is looking for exclusive WordPress hosting. If the answer to any of these questions is positive, a managed WordPress hosting is an excellent plan to meet your needs as you save ample time and human resources, and improve performance.

Before choosing a Managed WordPress Host, make sure that the company doesn’t fool you by substituting modified sharing hosting with Managed WordPress hosting. Generally, Managed WordPress hosts fix a price for the resources offered but don’t fret if your usage goes above the set threshold. Find hosts that allow you to pay overage fees and charge by bandwidth.

Choose a host that divides the workload over a couple of servers, thereby preventing downtime or poor performance during high traffic or power outages.


A modified shared hosting is an excellent choice to Managed WordPress hosting as you enjoy staging sites and automatic updates. Don’t expect the same efficiency and performance as Managed WordPress hosting, but it is a better fit if that’s the only budget that could be afforded. You could also choose any host that offers support to various sites, including WordPress. Again here, the performance is compromised, but the pricing is lower.

Final Words on Managed WordPress Hosting

You love WordPress for its simplicity, versatility, and ease of use, and if you have used WordPress to launch your blog or website, don’t hesitate to choose the WordPress hosting service and be free of all technical handling.

Choosing Managed WordPress hosting helps you stay in peace and incur traffic spikes without glitches besides providing the highest security, reliability, and performance.

Any big business or organizations requiring high security, unmatched performance, and super reliability ought to choose Managed WordPress hosting. So, if your company uses a WordPress site, ensure that you select a host excelling in this CMS (Content Management System). There are a couple of excellent hosts available in the market. Look at each of their features, pricing, and quality, and then make an informed choice. Managed WordPress hosting costs higher but, consider this is an investment for your growing business. So, don’t hesitate to opt for the expensive Managed WordPress Hosting plan unless you run short of budget.

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