Why Should You Write Every Day?

We become writers out of passion and don’t look at it just like every other profession. Writing makes me joyous and happy, and I hope it does the same for you. The first writing tip given by most well-reputed writers is to write daily.

Intrigued by their suggestion and aspiring to reach great heights, I began to write every day diligently. Surprisingly, this has been the best advice that I’ve received until now and am glad to make it known to you too.

Below, I am listing several reasons for how writing every day helps you become better. It’s up to you to decide wisely and make the right decision rather than merely reading the article.

8 Reasons to Write Every Day

1. Clears Your Head

Amidst a hundred things that we do daily, writing would surely keep you calm and help clear your head. 

You could start your day sitting down with a cup of steaming coffee and pen down your thoughts. Else, finish your day on a positive note by writing a couple of pages as a way to unwind yourself after a hectic schedule.

You would surely enjoy the process once you make up your mind to sit down and spend some time, even a couple of minutes, to write. 

Your energy levels boost up, and your mind relaxes, prompting you to write regularly. Believe me; it helps to declutter your thoughts and take off anxiety on lost ideas.

Either way, I assure you that it’s a starting point to a habit formation. And habits last a lifetime, which would be my next reason to insist that you write daily.

2. Practice Makes You Perfect

Anything that you do occasionally isn’t a habit but a hobby. As Aristotle said, “We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” 

If you sit down to write whenever you feel like, it might be once a week, once a fortnight, or even once a month that you do it. But trying your hands to write something, even for 30 minutes a day, is good enough to make it a habit.

The more you write, the better you get at it. 

It might be anything- a blog, novel, or even poetry. See the regular improvement in your writing skills when you do it every day.

Try forming your writing habit by starting to write just for 10-15 minutes a day. Alternatively, keep a count on your words, maybe 100-200 words a day should be good enough to begin with. 

Remember, more than the quality, it is the consistency during your initial stages that help you become successful later.

You will never repent for your efforts invested as they are sure to bring upon glory to your writing skills.

3. Paves the Way for Unique Ideas

If you notice, writers often carry a pocket notebook to write down ideas that they get, in any place, and in any situation. The ideas might be the starting point for a new topic, the crux for a new novel, or a motivation to unleash the thoughts into a simple blog post.

When ideas keep pouring in, and you don’t use them to create exquisite content, your brain somewhat suffers from keeping all the information organized. 

Writing every day helps you to construct your ideas effectively and keep learning new things daily.

Connect your past ideas with the present. Who knows, you would overcome the effects of writer’s block, which I don’t particularly believe though the concept has been much popular among most writers.

4. Helps Build an Audience Base

In this digital age, blogging has opened the doors to remarkable success for many. It’s the strong bonding with the audience that makes most bloggers as successful as they are. 

It could be a daily blog post or a thrilling suspense novel, whatever it is, writing an excellent article/novel once and disappearing for quite some time will take you nowhere.

You need to build a loyal audience base to flourish and gain a good reputation. 

Writing daily helps you garner a regular set of readers who are genuinely interested in what you write. They eagerly wait for your next blog/book, and this is good for your business. 

If you are yet to build a career, this is the right time to start writing and to write regularly. 

5. Promotes Clarity of Thoughts

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions run continuously in the background, but in a haphazard way. Writing sheds clarity on thoughts, adds logic to it, and brings life to your views.

Incorporating your ideas in paper or online helps you get a better perspective on thinking clearly and develop well-formed thoughts. You are bound to self-analyze your works and reflect on things that could do better with improvement. 

Clarity of thoughts helps you plan for the forthcoming days breaking barriers of challenges, improving success rates, and instigating better writing flow.

6. Makes You Happy

Any form of creativity is always said to improve your mood, make you feel happy, and promote a feeling of well-being. 

Writing is no different. 

It is also easy to do it regularly as all that you need would be a pen and a piece of paper! 

So my friend, why don’t you stay happy by writing regularly? After all, it costs you nothing and could even help you gain fame and accolades.

7. You Learn to Accept Mistakes

Not all are born writers who excel at creating magic with their words on the first go. 

I would compare writing to a work of art. Just like how a sculptor chisels his piece of work, you can always write down your thoughts and improve your work thereon.

You become good at writing by doing it regularly but achieve greatness only when you rewrite. 

Get all your words and ideas on the page and start rewriting them to make them perfect. 

Though initially, you might be reluctant to pour down all your ideas, you feel grateful to yourself for doing it once the words and sentences start taking shape in the form of a book/blog.

8. Improves Self-Discipline

Consistency and self-discipline are two characteristics integral to the success of any individual belonging to any field.

Most of us ruin our precious time and do nothing much useful due to a lack of self-discipline.

The primary idea behind spinning a 50000-word novel or a 100 posts blog is repetition and discipline- the discipline to repetitively sit down daily to write, fighting through ups and downs, and making commendable progress with your writing skills.

Self-discipline is a trait that can help you to achieve anything in life. Implement the same for your writing skills and see the commendable changes for yourself.

Any area where creativity is involved, including writing a novel or developing a business plan, it is necessary to maintain the momentum. If you have been procrastinating on starting to write, do it now. 

Don’t wait for tomorrow; instead, use your time today and consistently keep writing hereon. Anyone can write now and then, but it takes determination and focus to write every day and reap benefits. 

Start right away and enjoy the creative juices that flow from within to write something inspirational and thought-provoking.

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