Wordify Review: Is This Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Speed is the key to saving time and effort. The same goes for website hosting too. A robust, reliable, and managed hosting can save a lot of your time and help you grow your business.

Agencies and individuals nowadays prefer to host their websites with companies that provide tailored solutions to their needs. Wordify is one such managed WordPress hosting provider that offers various streamlined hosting plans to its customers.

Recently, I have used and tested their services. In this Wordify review article, I will answer your questions related to its speed, quality, and support.

Most importantly, I will answer; is it worth your money? Keep on reading to know more.

Here is what I will cover in this Wordify review.

  • What Is Wordify? Is It Suitable For You?
  • My Wordify Performance Test Results
    1. Google PageSpeed Insights Test
    2. GTmetrix Performance Test
    3. CDN Performance Test
    4. Website Load Test
  • Wordify Features
  • Wordify Pros and Cons
  • Wordify Pricing
  • Wordify Review: My Final Thoughts

Wordify Review Summary

Min. Response Time310 ms
Max. Response Time2670 ms
Global Avg. Response Time888 ms
Google PSI Mob/Desk98/98
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestStable
One-Click WordPressYes
Free SSLYes

What Is Wordify? Is It Suitable For You?

Wordify is a newly established managed WordPress hosting service provider operating since 2019. From hosting your websites on high-speed AWS servers to maintaining the site security, Wordify handles them all

Below are some worth mentioning activities that they perform on your behalf.

  • WordPress installation
  • Server level caching to improve website performance
  • Looking after administrative tasks of your website
  • Automated WordPress core updates 
  • Daily automated website data backup creation
  • SSL certification and website security management

But is it suitable for you? First, let’s see how does it address the needs of various types of users.

Freelancers: Wordify is a good pick for independent web designers and developers. With their Dev Sites plan, you can design and develop a new website for your client without paying a single dime. And when you are done and ready to go live, you can transfer the bill directly to the client. It virtually enables you to get returns on zero investment.

Agencies: Digital agencies are likely to benefit from employing a managed WordPress hosting as it provides them with the perks of automation. It allows the agencies to operate at lower costs without the need for employing support staff. In addition, expertise and security are guaranteed. Also, with free migrations, 24×7 support, a 30-day free trial, and automated backup, grow your agency business quickly.

Businesses: Business websites, whether belonging to a small enterprise or a large one, can benefit from this hosting service as their websites will be maintained by a group of experts.

Bloggers: Wordify can even help bloggers and online entrepreneurs. However, you can stay away from this company and look for cheap hosting if you are not willing to monetize your traffic.

Thus, Wordify enables you to mitigate the expenditure otherwise had to incur on resources to manage and maintain the website. Furthermore, it helps you focus more on the growth of your business as you will have one less thing to worry about, managing your website.

My Wordify Performance Test Results

Wordify claims to provide a simple, performance-focused, managed WordPress hosting solution for Designers and Developers. To understand how they perform under different traffic situations, I conducted some experiments with a website hosted on their platform. 

This gives a fair idea of the servers working under the hood and cuts the marketing gimmicks.

Methodology: For this test, I subscribed to the Single Site Small Plan. It was the cheapest plan, priced at $10/month.

I purchased their cheapest plan to test their service. It helped me to review their service quality.

After that, I installed a WordPress website and pointed a previously owned domain name to their server. I used NameCheap DNS here. Then, I changed the theme to the free version of GeneratePress. Created a demo content of around 1000 words and added two images of 180 KB each. The whole process went smoothly, and I was ready to perform the tests.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Test

If you are not familiar with Google PageSpeed Insights, it’s a proprietary software from Google to help developers and webmasters understand optimization needs. You can analyze any URL and check its performance on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

It provides an overall score out of 100. The score is calculated based on different performance factors. A better score is indicative of better performance. Below, I’m showing the PageSpeed Insights Mobile test result with you.

I tested their service with PageSpeed insights while writing this wordify review

It scored 98/100 in both Desktop (download the report) and Mobile devices. All Lab Data was good except the Speed Index, which was 4.1 sec.

2. GTmetrix Performance Test

GTmetrix is another performance monitoring tool. The main goal of this tool is to analyze URLs and provide you with some actionable recommendations. Similar to PageSpeed Insights, it also gives an overall score and suggests improvement opportunities.

Below is the screenshot corresponding to the page tested with GTmetrix.

Again tested with GTmetrix

Both the GTmetrix Grade and Web Vitals are found to be good.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the time that the website takes to paint the largest content on the screen which was a 180 KB cover image. This gives an idea of the time it takes to load different content on the page. LCP was found to be 636 ms which was within the recommended range.

3. CDN Performance Test

A website may perform well near the server location; however, the global performance may not meet your expectations. A CDN performance test tells you the response of a web page from different geographical locations.

For this test, I have used 42 different locations and measured response time from all these locations. Below, I have shared a part of my CDN performance test result. The full report is available here.

CDN performance test was conducted to check how the website performs from different geographical locations

The fastest response time (310 ms) was observed from Tampa, and the slowest response time (2670 ms) was from Beijing. Then I calculated the average response time of all 42 locations, and it came out to be 888 ms. This number is not outstanding but is well below 1 sec.

The best average response time measured by me is 163 ms. You can read the article here.

4. Website Load Test

Response time is not the only matrix that you should consider while purchasing a web hosting service. A load test report is also crucial as it tells how much traffic a website can handle at a time.

For this experiment, I have used a maximum of 50 concurrent users sending 50 requests per second. Below is the corresponding screenshot.

Then I tested with Website load test tool to check how much traffic it can handle simultaneously/

The violet line corresponds to the number of requests per second, and the blue line is the corresponding response time. Apart from an initial spike, the response time line remained almost flat, indicating a very stable server response.

I can easily conclude that 50 concurrent requests didn’t impact the server at all.

5. Uptime Report

I didn’t find any Service Level Agreement on Wordify’s website, so I independently monitored their services for 346 hrs. During this period, I noticed a downtime of 4 minutes only.

Wordify uptime report. during a test period of 346 hrs, I faced a downtime of 4 minutes only.

With all these results, I’m pretty much confident that Wordify is worth the every penny that you spend on it.

Check Out My Wordify Review Video highlights.

Wordify Features

Wordify is among the very few managed WordPress web hosting providers that offer distinctive solution-oriented features. Below are some salient features of this hosting.

  • Tier 1 AWS Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services provides one of the best cloud services otherwise inaccessible to small businesses for their unpredictable pricing. Wordify has partnered with AWS and uses their Tier 1 infrastructure to empower the hosted websites with optimum performance and security.

  • Temp URL: Setting up a DNS can be time consuming sometimes. Wordify provides you with a free temporary URL that enables you to get started right away. You can use the temporary URL to design and develop a website without buying a domain name. You can even host your hobby project for free.

  • Excellent Support: The extremely dynamic customer support system at Wordify will help you get prompt solutions for your issues. They have teams of experts that will provide you with the necessary guidance and assistance at any time of the day.

  • Free SSL Certificate: With Wordify, you will get a free SSL certificate from Let’sEncrypt by default. With a one-click install button anyone can install it without any technical knowledge. And it is needless to mention here what benefits does an SSL Certificate bring to your website. An SSL certificate encrypts your data and protects from any eavesdropping. It induces a sense of security and builds trust amongst your visitors.

  • Automatic WordPress Updates: Installing the latest WordPress updates ensures the security of your website. And what can be better than automatic WordPress update installation? Being a managed WordPress hosting, Wordify takes care of the latest update installed.

    With Wordify, your website remains in the optimal state with all the latest features and enhanced security. Plus, it saves a lot of your time. However, you can always roll back to the previous version or disable the auto update feature.
  • Daily Automated Backups: Backing up your website data is essential as it allows you to recover the lost data by restoring the website to a previous date. While the majority of the web hosting companies charge you extra for backups, Wordify creates a daily backup of your website for free of cost. Moreover, you don’t even need a plugin for creating the backup as it is an automated server-level process.

  • Free Migration: Wordify offers to migrate your as well as your client’s existing website on their platform for free of cost. They promise to look after any problem that arises during the migration and ensure to minimize the risk of data loss as well as downtime during the process.

  • Hack Protection: Wordify employs the best practices to protect your website from malware and brute force attacks. The advanced firewall and anti-intrusion systems ensure that your website remains protected from getting hacked. And if a hacker still manages to hack into your website, it will remove the malware and reinstate your website for free of cost.

Wordify Pros and Cons

Like any other web hosting company, Wordify also has some advantages and drawbacks. Here’s the comparison of the Pros and Cons of this managed WordPress hosting.


  • Powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Free Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate
  • Highly suitable for web designers and developers
  • Fully managed hosting, which means they look for server-level management and maintenance 
  • Excellent user interface 
  • Automated updates and daily backups
  • Temp URL and free Dev Sites
  • Free website migration 
  • 30 days free trial


  • Pricing is slightly on the higher side, but the speed, performance, and security make it worth the price you pay.
  • No free email hosting

Wordify Pricing

Wordify plans may seem to be slightly costlier as compared to shared web hosting. But it’s worth mentioning that Wordify charges you very little as compared to many other managed WordPress hosting companies.

They also offer a custom unlimited hosting plan. It enables you to customize the number of websites you want to host along with sessions, storage, bandwidth, etc.

Moreover, the prices are suitable for enterprises that do not want to employ a whole team to look after the website/ server management and maintenance. 

Here’s the pricing structure of various plans offered by Wordify.

Single Site Plans

PlanDev SitesSmallMediumLarge
CostFREEUSD 7 per monthUSD 15 per monthUSD 38 per month
No. of SitesDesign and Develop unlimited sitesOne Site One SiteOne Site
Storage2 GB5 GB20 GB100 GB
Bandwidth10 GB40 GB100 GB200 GB

Unlimited Plans

PlanUnlimited Small Unlimited MediumUnlimited LargeCustom
CostUSD 29 per monthUSD 45 per monthUSD 99 per monthOn request
No. of SitesUnlimited sitesUnlimited sitesUnlimited sitesUnlimited sites
Storage10 GB30 GB100 GBCustom
Bandwidth50 GB200 GB1000 GBCustom

Wordify Review: My Final Thoughts

Wordify delivers outstanding speed, performance, and security along with the usual features offered by any managed WordPress hosting. Plus, being an AWS partner, you can easily rely on their performance and uptime availability. In addition, the support team is readily available through chat and provides help whenever needed.I won’t hesitate to recommend them as a value-for-money hosting company. However, if you are hesitant, try their 30 days money-back guarantee and migrate your website to their platform. I’m sure you will love their service.

My Wordify Hosting Review Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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