What Is WPQuickStart Membership Sites by Nexcess?

WPQuickStart by Nexcess is an effortless way to create and host a membership site to provide the content with added value to your subscribers.

This article will share some common issues and troubles that one might face while hosting a membership site and how WPQuickStart can help you solve these issues. You will also get an insight into the features and pricing structure offered by Nexcess for hosting membership sites with its WPQuickStart plans.

So, keep on reading to know more about hosting a gated site with WPQuickStart by Nexcess.

What Is a Membership Site?

Many businesses, clubs, digital content creators, and bloggers create content that they do not publish publicly. It means the content is not available to all, and you will have to pay a subscription fee to access such content. And a membership site (aka gated site) enables you to safeguard your premium content.

It is pertinent to mention that gated content doesn’t necessarily have to be paid content always. A membership platform should also enable you to gate the content to different degrees, i.e., protect your website’s entire or partial content.

But is it easy to host a membership site? What are some hurdles that you may have to face to host a membership site, and how does Nexcess solve it?

Let’s have a look in detail.

Challenges Related to Hosting a Membership Site?

Here are some common challenges that you can come across while hosting a membership site.

#1. Where to Start?

It’s not easy to build a membership site. But you must know where to start from. Below are some essential steps that you should follow to create a successful membership site that can cater to your business needs.

  • Identify the target audience group
  • Specify the needs of your target audience
  • Enlist the services and solutions you intend to provide
  • Employ the suitable tools and technologies

#2. Keeping the Cost Under Control

Another common problem you will face while hosting a membership site is the management of expenses. Frankly speaking, it’s not cheap to hire developers and experts for website design and development, website launching, and promoting a gated site for exclusive members.

#3. Keeping the Technology Up-to-Date

To maintain a seamless and obstruction-free experience, you will have to keep on updating the technology. Hiring a managed hosting company is probably the most affordable way to handle different tools and software if you lack technical proficiency.

#4. Attracting the New Members

The whole point of hosting a membership site is to gain more new members and retain those who have already joined your site. As such, it becomes imperative that your members-only section of the site remains engaging, entertaining, and interactive.

You can do so by creating momentum for the discussions and conversations on the platform.

#5. Managing User Accounts

It is essential to have a comprehensive login page and user management system. Nonetheless, it is not an easy thing to create such pages. But when accomplished, it will allow the members to join and access the premium section of the website on the go. To improve the accessibility for the users, you will have to ensure a robust front-end account management system equipped with all the required facilities.

#6. Payment Gateway

Providing a reliable and safe payment gateway to your users is, undoubtedly, the most challenging tasks associated with hosting a membership site. For this, you will need an integrated payment option on your website.

How Does Nexcess Help You?

Nexcess hosting is known for providing exceptional performance, assistance, and support to its clients. WPQuickStart for Membership Sites by Nexcess is the only manged membership site platform in the market.

In collaboration with Restrict Content Pro, Kadence Pro, and other software, Nexcess has built an efficient solution for fast and functional membership sites. Here is how it helps you to host a membership site.

  1. They make your website highly responsive to work on different devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  2. You can create different membership and payment levels.
  3. They will update your website plugins and provide email support, along with offering a few free add-on features.
  4. You will be provided with regular reports to have an insight into member stats, website performance, and payments.
  5. They also enable an automated mailing system for you to communicate with members.
  6. Integration with social media platforms
  7. News and updates section

WPQuickStart Membership Sites by Nexcess Features

Following are some of the worth mentioning features of WPQuickStart by Nexcess.

  1. Auto Scaling: They provide entirely automatic and immediate scaling services to the clients to better cope with the surge in user traffic. The platform automatically scales and deploys additional resources whenever a large number of members access your site simultaneously.

  2. Highest Level of Security: The platform houses exceptional security features to ensure the safety and security of your members’ data. After all, security and privacy are the two most key concerns of any membership site.

    WPQuickStart by Nexcess employs WordPress security experts who constantly monitor the websites for security and malware threats. And in case if something goes south, the support team will recover all the data and reinstate the security in no time.

  3. Impeccable CDN: The user experience of a site doubles if the content delivery speed is excellent. With WPQuickStart by Nexcess, you get a built-in CDN capable of enhancing the page loading speed multifold by quickly delivering the content to the users. Nexcess employs 22 PoPs CDN to cache static content and delivers your data from the closest location.

  4. High Degree of Optimization: From Pro themes to WordPress Merge and from Recapture to Qubely Pro, WPQuickStart by Nexcess optimize everything required to facilitate the users. Besides, it empowers you and your site to keep the members hooked to the unmatched experience.

  5. Content Restriction: With WPQuickStart by Nexcess, you can restrict your content at various levels. Offer old content with a new purchase or offer a paid upgrade option that lets members access the content deployed earlier.

  6. Built-In Payment Gateway: Accept payment from Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, Authorize.net and PayPal with the built-in Restrict Content Pro plugin.

  7. Email Communication: Schedule emails, send templated messages right from the admin dashboard. No additional software is required.

  8. Admin Dashboard: Get insights into member subscriptions, business performance, and various other metrics and optimize your business with the in-built software.
benefits of restrict content pro


Nexcess provides three plans for hosting a membership website. Each of these plans offers similar features. However, the extent of the features varies with the cost. The following table can provide you with a better insight into the features that come with each plan.

Membership EssentialMembership ProMembership Premium
Cost per Month49 USD99 USD149 USD
Cost per Year490 USD990 USD1490 USD
Number of Sites010101
Storage30 GB60 GB100 GB
Bandwidth3 TB5 TB5 TB
Concurrent Users10 – 2020 – 30 30 – 40


WPQuickStart by Nexcess makes an exceptional choice when it comes to hosting a managed membership site. Recently, I have reviewed Nexcess. And it is one of my highly recommended managed WordPress hosting services. WPQuickStart is more expensive than any standard hosting plan. However, the features and the ease of use overvalue the price. So, I will definitely recommend WPQuickStart by Nexcess to my readers.

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