6 Best WPX Hosting Alternatives | Tested and Concluded

WPX is one of the many well-known managed WordPress hosting companies aiming to provide tailored WordPress hosting solutions. But is it worth the hype it is creating, or should you look for a better one?

It is imperative to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a business hosting service. Although WPX is undoubtedly a good hosting, there are certain aspects that you cannot oversee. Here I’ll throw light on some factors to compare WPX against its alternatives, along with discussing the best WPX hosting alternative.

So, stay with me until the end.

Why Do You Need a Better WPX Hosting Alternative?

  1. WPX isn’t suitable for those who seek a single website hosting solution. Besides, multiple site hosting (minimum of five websites) makes this platform expensive too.
  2. The hosting tools aren’t as user-friendly as many other alternatives. You’ll have to get in touch with the support team every now and then. As such, the platform isn’t an excellent choice for those who do not want to rely on customer support a lot.
  3. You cannot migrate to a new domain for free of cost (costs $98 when writing this article). Moreover, you cannot migrate from a single WordPress to a multisite installation at all.
  4. WPX lacks in providing good speed when compared to some of its alternatives like Rocket.net and Kinsta.
  5. RAM is very limited. It becomes really difficult if you use page builders like Elementor.

Due to these limitations of WPX hosting, it becomes essential to evaluate the options before you settle down for one. 

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the best WPX hosting alternatives and my picks with proper reasoning.

1. Nestify: Why Is This the Best Value for Money WPX Hosting Alternative?

Like WPX, Nestify also provides managed WordPress hosting. The services and features revolve around providing the best value to the clients. With unlimited website hosting to CDN services and free migrations to regular backups, you get the full value for the money you spend on it.

Given that you can host unlimited websites on Nestify at $9/month, it is way cheaper than WPX hosting. It provides equally good website performance. Moreover, with Nestify, you don’t have to worry about the plugin compatibility either, as most of the things are built-in.

Nestify offers 9 flexible plans compared to 3 plans by WPX that easily fit your budget and provide the solution you’ve been seeking.

Here are some features that give Nestify an edge:

  • Host unlimited websites even with the base plan at just $9/month. This makes Nestify a perfect cost-effective alternative to WPX hosting.
  • Nestify offers stable websites even during high-traffic events. In my test, the standard deviation in response time was found to be only 6 ms. It ensures such excellent speed through proper utilization of cloud resources, caching processes, and CDN services.
  • Forget tedious migrations. With Nestify, you can migrate unlimited websites for free of cost and with all necessary technical support.
  • SSL certificate, frequent scans, and free malware cleanup at Nestify ensure the safety of your website against malware, SQL injections, DDoS attacks, comment spams, etc.

2. Rocket.net: Speed That WPX Hosting Can’t Beat

Rocket.net is a relatively new entrant that offers the best website speed I have ever tested. They deliver excellent security and speed unimaginable to any WPX hosting fanboy.

Rocket.net employs Cloudflare Enterprise CDN (usually starts at $6000 a month) to speed up websites hosted on their platform. Moreover, the built-in features and user-centric control panel make it easier for beginners to use the platform.

Below are the features that make Roket.net stand out from WPX hosting

  • Rocket.net ensures excellent page speed by employing a Cloudflare Enterprise-level content delivery network. With a worldwide network of more than 200 POPs, your website content gets delivered at an unmatched pace.
  • WAF, global and local firewalls, malware protection, auto updation, automatic patching, and image optimization provides the best-in-class security and optimization features.
  • Your website data is backed up every day. Not just that, you can also manually create a backup with the on-demand backup feature.
  • You do not have to worry while migrating your website from the old host to Rocket.net as the experts at Rocket.net provide great assistance for the same. Moreover, they’ll offer you a temporary staging URL to check out the preview of your migrated website.
  • Rocket.net guarantees 99.99% uptime with a response time of less than 100ms. Can WPX hosting match it?

My Independent Server Performance Comparison Result

MatrixNestifyRocket.netWPX Hosting
Min. Response Time61 ms24 ms11 ms
Max. Response Time1828 ms1755 ms1188 ms
Global Avg. Response Time662 ms163 ms219 ms
GTMetrix GradeAAA
LCP598 ms635 ms327 ms
TBT0 ms0 ms0
Load TestStableStableOccasional Spikes
Load Test S.D.6 ms8 ms49 ms
HTTP Failures000

Interpretation: The smaller, the better (Response Time, LCP, TBT, CLS, Load Test S. D., HTTP Failures). Response time varies significantly between test runs. To me, global average response time is a reliable matrix as it considers responses from 42 different global locations. Rocket.net performed the best. The performance of WPX Hosting and Nestify were not bad either.

Load tests were performed with 50 requests per second. I have noticed stable load test responses for Nestify and Rocket.net [check full review]. However, there were some occasional spikes in the case of WPX [I shall publish this result in WPX review]. I’m a little doubtful about its performance with higher traffic.

Comparison Between Nestify, Rocket.net, and WPX Hosting Base Plans

FeatureNestifyRocket.netWPX Hosting
ServerPowered by AWS, DOCloudflareIndependent
RAM2 GBNot Known128 MB/site (Unofficial)
Uptime Guarantee99.95%99.99%99.95%
TrafficUnlimited250,000100 GB Bandwidth
Disk Space10 GB10 GB10 GB
Daily BackupsYesYesYes
Advanced SecurityDaily Scan, Hacking RemovalWAF, Daily Scan, Hack and Malware RemovalDaily Scan, Malware Removal, Site Fixes if Down
Free SSLYesYesYes
Free MigrationYesYesYes
Expert Support24×724×724×7
Free CDNCloudflareCloudflare EnterpriseWPX Cloud CDN
Money Back Guarantee60-days30-days30-days
No of SitesUnlimited15
LinkVisit NestifyVisit RocketVisit WPX

Other Worth Mentioning WPX Hosting Alternatives

1. Templ Hosting

Templ is another managed WordPress hosting that is powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It means you get the same data security as Google, Gmail, and YouTube. Templ has access to GCP’s 20 global data centers. They ensure that your website delivers lightning-fast page speed while maintaining unbreachable security.

Furthermore, with Templ, you can quickly scale up the performance by upgrading to a higher plan. The robust Content Delivery Network and Server Level Caching enhance the speed of your website. Plus, Templ is much cheaper than WPX if you want to host a single website.

Here are the key highlights of Templ hosting

  • Get access to GCP’s 20 worldwide data centers. Templ lets you deploy a server close to your target region. This ensures faster data transfer between the host and the client. 
  • Your website data is backed up every day. And not just that, each backup is kept safe for 30 days. The backups are stored on a different server to remain safe in case of hacking or other unfortunate events.
  • The WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) enables you to access the files through an SSH tool. You can also stage your website to test new updates and plugins before launching them.
  • You get a ten-day free trial on Templ, which comes in handy for getting an overview of the services and features. 
  • You can migrate your website from any hosting to Templ for free of cost regardless of the hosting plan you purchase.
  • The control panel is designed with user experience in mind.

2. SiteGround

Siteground is a Bulgaria-based shared web hosting service provider that was launched in 2004. They provide excellent hosting options to clients at very affordable rates. You can also quickly scale your current plan on Siteground to improve the performance and handle the traffic efficiently.

Siteground truly delivers excellent support services along with high availability and impeccable speed. Moreover, the loading speed provided by them is far better than most of the shared hosting providers. While the shared hosts fail to provide good customer support, Siteground effortlessly delivers adequate support to the clients.

  • Siteground outperforms most of the shared web hosting service providers by maintaining impeccable 99.9% uptime, which is not very easy for shared web hosting.
  • Despite being a shared web hosting, Siteground does not fail to deliver high performance. You’ll get excellent loading speed and faster content delivery.
  • Siteground also has a robust customer support system in place. You can call them anytime you experience an issue as they provide 24×7 support to their clients.
  • You can migrate your website from the existing host to Siteground for free of cost using a plugin that does most of the heavy work. Just log into your account and generate a token, and move as many websites as you want.
  • Siteground provides you with a free SSL that substantiates the security of your website and improves its performance on the search engine results page. 
  • You get to enjoy the Cloudflare CDN without having to pay any extra charge. It ensures that your content quickly reaches the user.
  • Sitegrounds also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to the new customers.

Looking for the best WPX Hosting Alternative? Check out my video summary.

3. WP Engine

If you want fast loading, highly secure, and tailored hosting for your website, then you should look at this managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine was launched in 2010. Whether it be plugin management or website performance, they take care of everything associated with your website hosting.

WP Engine excels at caching services, providing unbeatable security and prompt support. It enables them to optimize the performance of your WordPress website.

Below are some outstanding features offered by WP Engine

  • It is simply effortless to move your website from the existing host to WP Engine. You can use their automated migration plugin that can let you migrate the website in a hassle-free manner. 
  • You can avail the WP Engine support anytime you want at any time of the day all around the year. Plus, there are multiple channels to seek help, i.e., Live Chat, Email, Phone.
  • You have the liberty to choose between monthly and annual plans. Also, WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on the hosting services for the new customers.
  • WP Engine automatically creates a backup for your website once a day. But you can also manually create the backup of your website data if you want.
  • Apart from the above, with WP Engine, you get to enjoy uncompromising security, automatic updates, complimentary staging, a high-speed server linked with EverCache, and much more.

4. Kinsta

Kinsta is another good WPX hosting alternative that is powered by GCP. They provide highly tailored web hosting solutions, and therefore they have created a customized admin panel. It effortlessly brings you the essential details on the go. 

Along with fast managed WordPress hosting, you also get unmatched uptime and performance at Kinsta. Moreover, automatic backups, website security monitoring, and staging environment make Kinsta an ideal choice for a managed WordPress hosting. 

Following are some benefits of hosting your website on Kinsta.

  • Kinsta automatically creates a backup of your website data and keeps it safe for two weeks on the entry-level plan. The duration increases as you move to a higher plan.
  • You get access to the staging environment to test the new updates, plugins, edits, etc., before publishing on the website. 
  • The search and replace feature enable you to change the website database content on the go.
  • You get access to four caching types that include an in-house WordPress caching plugin and server-level caching. Also, you can switch between various PHP versions with a single click.
  • You also get the faster-loading speed and many other WordPress optimized services for your website on Kinsta.


Finding an ideal WordPress hosting could be tricky for some people. Companies often hide unfavorable features with marketing gimmicks. WPX is definitely a beginner-friendly managed WordPress hosting that offers reliable performance. But it does have its limitations.

In this comparative study, I have discussed some of its limitations and possible alternatives. Price is undoubtedly a decisive factor. So, if you are looking for an affordable alternative, I shall highly recommend Nestify. If price is not a factor and the best page speed experience and security are your only concerns, go with Rocket.net.

Nestify: The Most Affordable WPX Hosting Alternative
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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