WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals

WPX Hosting is undoubtedly one of the most reputed managed WordPress hosting companies. This Black Friday session, WPX hosting is offering the best deals on their entire hosting plans. So, this is probably the best time if you want to start your WordPress website.

So, what is included in WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2021?

Two special deals are running; First 2 months at $2/month and 6 months free with 2 years plan. The first plan is suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to commit for the long term. And the second plan is ideal for those who are determined about their journey. In any case, you are covered by their 30-days money-back guarantee.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2021 is around the corner.

How To Activate WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2021?

Activating the deal is straightforward. However, I have detailed the steps for your convenience.

  1. Click HERE to visit the Black Friday Deal page.
  2. Click on the Start Now button placed on the header menu.
  3. You will be directed to the WordPress hosting plans page. Choose between Business, Professional, and Elite plans. Also, choose your tenure, either monthly or 2 yearly. Click on the Get Started button.
  4. Next, you have to choose the server location. Choose between US, UK, or AU.
  5. On the next page, you have to choose whether you want hosting only or you need a domain as well. I recommend registering domain names with a reputed DNS provider. I use NameCheap.
  6. Put your domain name in the textbox below and continue.
  7. Now choose your billing cycle and apply the promotional code.
  8. In the next step, you have to choose your payment method, fill up the client information form, and check out. Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals 2021 Highlights

Deal 16 Months Free, 2 Years Plan
Deal 2$2/month, First 2 Months
Starting DateTo be announced
Ending DateTo be announced
Offer URLClick Here
wpx hosting black friday deals 2021

Is WPX Hosting Suitable For You?

WPX offers premium managed WordPress services to their customers. However, there are three different plans for different user categories. Let’s see if it is suitable for your business or not.

Business Plan: This plan includes 5 websites, 100 GB Bandwidth, 10 GB SSD storage, and WPX’s proprietary cloud CDN. The regular price starts at $24.99 per month. So, this plan could be ideal for you if you have more than one website to host. 

Professional Plan: Includes 15 Websites, 20 GB SSD Storage, 200 GB Bandwidth, and their proprietary cloud CDN. Starts at $ 49.99 per month. This plan is for relatively advanced users. So, you should opt for this plan if you own an agency or have more than ten websites.

Elite Plan: Covers 35 Websites, 40 GB SSD Storage, Infinite Bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN. Starting at $99 per month, this plan is suitable for big agencies and pro bloggers.

WPX offers the best value-for-money hosting service to its customers. Unfortunately, they don’t have plans for single website hosting. While the effective cost per website per month is relatively low, you have to have multiple websites to rip off the benefits.

WPX Hosting Features: Is It Worth It?

WPX is a trustworthy managed WordPress hosting service provider. They offer a load of addons with their service. However, the pricing could be a decisive factor while choosing their service. But, worry not. They have slashed their price significantly during the black Friday deals 2021.

Below, I’m summarizing their features for you.

  1. Spectacular Server Speed: WPX is known for its speed. They provide unbelievable page loading speed using their proprietary Content Delivery Network. Unlike many other popular brands, they own their servers. It gives them the unique opportunity to underload their servers. This is why their servers perform better than others, even during peak hours.
  2. Unbelievable Response Time: Have you ever heard of 30-second response time? Unbelievable, right? But this is what they promise to their customers. Support is provided by WordPress experts and is available 24/7/365.
  3. Tight Security: Security is essential for doing business online. WPX takes security seriously. Whether you need a free SSL certificate, malware removal, DDoS protection, or site recovery, they take care of them all for no additional cost. This is economical for owners with limited budgets and resources.
  4. 30-days Money Back Guarantee: WPX is confident with their service and offers a 30-days no-question money-back guarantee. The same guarantee applies even during the WPX black Friday sale session.
  5. Uptime Guarantee: Keeping your website live is essential to rip off benefits from it. WPX offers an industry-leading 99.95% uptime guarantee. So, worry not about your website. It will keep running even when you are sleeping.
  6. Free Migrations: Migrating is a difficult task, and many people don’t leave their pathetic hosting because of the same. However, with WPX, migrating websites is easy as they take care of it on your behalf.
  7. Regular Backups: Taking backups is vital to keep your website safe. All WPX plans include 28 days of free off-site backups. After that, they start overwriting the oldest image file. Moreover, you are also allowed to take manual backups. This lets you restore your website from the desired restore point.


WPX is probably one of the best managed WordPress hosting services around today. Not only does it allow users to grow their websites at unbelievable speeds, but they also have complete control over the entire system. So, if you’re looking for a good host for your website, I would highly recommend giving it a go during the black Friday session. You won’t be disappointed.

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