WPX Hosting Review: Is It The Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) for both technical and novice webmasters as it gives the flexibility of coding and readily availability of features. However, like every other flexible software, it is also a resource-hungry system and requires a robust hosting solution.

Established back in 2013, WPX hosting has grown as one of the leading managed WordPress hosting providers.

In this article, I will discuss what makes WPX unique and why you should use its services. I will look at everything from the technical support to the various features included with each hosting plan. Moreover, I will share my performance test report to give you an overview of the quality of this popular brand.

After reading this WPX hosting review article, you will be better equipped to decide if this hosting company best suits your needs and budget.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX is one of the very few hosting companies that is not owned by Endurance International Group. It came into being with a vision – to deliver fast-loading websites. It offers tailor-made and beginner-friendly managed WordPress hosting solutions to individual bloggers and corporate entities.

One of the best things about this company is the attention that it pays to customer support. You can expect comprehensive support and timely response to the issues that may arise during your lifetime.

So, if you own blogging websites, eCommerce stores, or digital agencies, it could suit your needs.

But, does it really perform up to the mark? Can it handle any sudden traffic surge? I have tested its cheapest hosting plan to give you an idea.

WPX Hosting Review Summary

Global Avg. Response Time219 ms
PageSpeed Insights93 Desktop/94 Mobile
GTMetrix GradeA
Uptime Guarantee99.95%
Free CDNYes
Free SSLYes
Free emailYes
One-click WordPressYes

Keep on reading this WPX hosting review to know more.

My WPX Hosting Performance Test Result

Web hosting performance test is a quantitative way of understanding the quality of a hosting service. I conduct some experiments to understand a website’s performance hosted on the said server. Unlike other reviewers, this data-driven methodology gives me the ability to recommend a product in an unbiased way.

Methodology: WPX hosting doesn’t offer a free trial period, so I purchased the BUSINESS plan for a month and installed a WordPress site on its platform. I used NameCheap DNS and then asked the customer care executive to point my domain name to its server. GeneratePress is my favorite theme, so I changed the default theme and published a 1000 words-long demo article with two images. The size of each image was around 140 KB.

Once everything was set, I performed the following tests without tweaking any default settings. No additional CDN and Caching plugins have been used during the test.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Result:

PageSpeed Insights is a developer tool by Google to measure a website’s performance on Desktop and Mobile devices. It measures different website parameters and provides valuable suggestions based on the results.

Below is the PageSpeed Insights result for mobile devices. Download Desktop result from here.

I have tested the performance of a website hosted on WPX with Google Pagespeed insights.

As you can see, the overall score on mobile devices was 94, and that on desktops was 93. Any value more than 90 is considered good. However, in the Lab Data section, the speed index was less than optimal. On mobile, it was 4.5 sec, and on desktop, it was 2.2 sec. Though all other parameters were good, I didn’t expect such a poor-performing speed index from WPX.

The website that I tested didn’t even install analytics or other heavy software. So, my expectation was high as WPX markets itself as the fastest managed WordPress hosting brand.

2. GTmetrix Performance Report:

GTmetrix is another website performance monitoring tool. Unlike PageSpeed Insights, it provides a speed visualization graph that lets developers understand the critical optimization opportunities.

While writing this WPX hosting review, I tested its performance with GTmetrix

GTmetrix grade was a perfect “A,” and web vitals were very good as well.

Time To First Byte was just above 100 ms, which is well below the recommended level of 200 ms (the lower, the better), and the LCP was only 327 ms. According to Google, the maximum acceptable value of LCP is 2.5 sec, and here the value was well below that.

GTmetrix performs these tests from a single location. However, the distance between the host and the client impacts these values significantly. So, if you are operating a local business, you don’t have to worry much about visitors from different locations, but for global websites and blogs, this matters a lot.

3. CDN Performance Test:

A CDN performance test gives an idea of the performance of your website from different geographical locations. To do this, I fetched the data from 42 different locations.

Below is a screenshot of the CDN performance test. Download the full report from here.

CDN performance test was performed to check the response time of the website from different geographical locations.

As you can see, the lowest response time was measured from both Sao Paulo and Seattle. For most of the other locations, the total response time was less than 200 ms. The worst total time (1188 ms) was measured from Beijing.

Then I calculated the global average response time, and it came out to be 219 ms. It is the second-best average response time measured by me. Rocket.net holds the first rank. If interested, you can read my full Rocket.net review to compare WPX hosting with Rocket.net.

4. Website Load Test Result:

A load test is essential to understand how much traffic a website can handle. Here I have performed a load test with a maximum of 50 requests per second. This is somewhat equivalent to 50 visitors interacting with the website per second. Of course, the actual traffic could be much higher than that.

Load test was performed during the reviewing of WPX hosting.

Here you can see the increase in traffic from zero to fifty per seconds (violet line) doesn’t affect the response line (light blue), and it remains almost straight with four unusual spikes. This means the traffic didn’t affect the server much, and it easily handled the traffic during my test.

I have tested several web hosting companies, and this is one of the best response graphs. It is a bit surprising to me, considering the fact that the amount of memory allocated by WPX hosting was only 128 MB. Anyway, I appreciate the amount of optimization that WPX hosting has done. No wonder WPX is considered as one of the most loved managed WordPress hosting companies.

5. Uptime Report:

According to its Service Level Agreement, WPX hosting claims to guarantee 99.95% uptime availability. It means, on average, you shouldn’t expect more than 22 minutes of downtime per month.

Below is the uptime availability report screenshot during a test period of  689 hrs.

Up time availability was checked for 689 hours.

While you shouldn’t interpret this data as 100% annual uptime, it gives a fair impression that the overall uptime is reasonably high.

WPX Hosting Performance Report Summary and Comparison

MatrixWPX HostingNexcessRocket.net
Min. Response Time11 ms95 ms24 ms
Max. Response Time1188 ms1536 ms1755 ms
Global Avg. Response Time219 ms451 ms163 ms
GTMetrix GradeAAA
LCP327 ms764 ms635 ms
TBT0 ms0 ms0 ms
Load TestOccasional SpikesOccasional SpikesStable
Load Test Avg.20 ms83 ms18 ms
Load Test S.D.49 ms14 ms8 ms
HTTP Failures0Yes0
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WPX Hosting Features

Here are some salient features of WPX Hosting.

  1. Fast Chat Response Time: WPX hosting is known for its quick response time and customer satisfaction index. During the test period, I contacted the service center and indeed received a prompt response from them.

  2. Free Migration Service: WPX Hosting offers a complimentary website migration facility. Reportedly, it takes only 24 hours to complete the migration process. The technical team will move all your content from your current host to the WPX Hosting account in no time.

  3. 26 PoPs CDN Service: WPX Hosting has its data centers in the USA, UK, and Australia. You can choose a hosting location close to your target audience. Don’t worry even if your audiences are abroad as it employs high-speed custom CDN with 26 global locations.

  4. Free Malware Detection and Removal: Unlike many popular hosting companies, WPX hosting saves you from cyber-attacks by offering free malware detection and removal service. Moreover, it provides a free DDoS protection service to every client.

  5. Automatic Backups: Every plan comes with a free daily automatic backups facility. Backups are preserved for 28 days and let you restore your website to a previous date. Furthermore, you can create your own manual backups whenever needed.

  6. One-click Staging Tool: WPX lets you test changes in a sandbox. You by no means have to bounce to your production site to test the changes. Easy push and pull can happen between staging and live servers.

  7. Free Email Accounts: A business email address is essential to maintain your online reputation. While most other managed WordPress hosting brands charge additionally for email accounts, you get it free with your WPX hosting account.

  8. Free SSL Certificates: There is no need to pay exorbitant subscription fees for your SSL certificates, as anyone can install a free SSL certificate from Let’sEncrypt with just a single click.

  9. 30 Days Money-back Guarantee: WPX hosting is not cheap hosting by any means. The reason goes to its higher standards and top-notch technical support. Before you make any commitment to it, you can take a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, start with the cheapest plan and upgrade if needed.

WPX Hosting Cost

Apart from all the free services you get along with the WPX Hosting, you get to choose between monthly and yearly plans. You can exercise PayPal or use credit cards for making payments. 

There exist three Plans for you

  1. Business 
  2. Professional 
  3. Elite. 

The price ranges from $25 to $99 per month.

CDNWPX CloudWPX CloudWPX Cloud
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WPX Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Fast website loading time
  • Responsive live chat and ticket support. High customer satisfaction 
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Easy UI experience
  • DDoS Protection and Malware removal
  • Free migration
  • Free CDN and SSL certificate
  • No confusing fixed pricing
  • 30 days money back


  • No single website hosting plan
  • More expensive than many other brands
  • Migrating to a new domain costs $98
  • Doesn’t support single to multisite migration
  • Very limited RAM

WPX Hosting Review: My Final Thoughts

WPX hosting goes one step above the norms to meet all the needs of a webmaster by providing quality service and customer support. In short, it helps both seasoned bloggers and non-technical WordPress users by providing a fully managed WordPress hosting service.

The only complaint that I will raise is its high pricing. Probably it should introduce a cheaper single website plan to help new bloggers and business owners.For everyone else, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. Try it. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

WPX Hosting Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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