9 Powerful Tips on Writing Affiliate Content That Converts

Affiliate marketing can make your dream come true or become your worst nightmare. A dream because it can be your source of regular income. Conversely, it can be your nightmare because it’s very easy to fail even after investing a lot of money to build your business.

Not surprisingly, I have failed several times in this business before starting this website. And I have learned many things the hard way. One of them is, “Not all content is equal.” Some will go viral, attracting high traffic, while others will hit a block and be dormant. Writing and publishing regular high-quality articles are two essential parts of becoming successful in this industry. There are several aspects that make your affiliate content extraordinary and helpful.

So, what makes these articles stand out, and how important is quality content in affiliate marketing? I will discuss all of this in this article.

The Role of Quality Content In Affiliate Marketing

Drive Traffic: The primary reason for publishing quality content regularly is driving traffic to your website. You need high-quality content, without the fluff and not choking with keywords for search engines to make it rankā€”the higher your content ranking in the search engines, the better the traffic to your website.

Brand Awareness: About 82% of American consumers research before they make any purchase. They also read through numerous reviews of the services or products. This is to affirm their faith in the brand before making an order. 

With high-quality content, you will attract a lot of consumers to your website. Undoubtedly, not everyone will buy from you. But they will be aware of your brand and many of them may come back to purchase later. Once your brand is in the consumers’ minds, the chances of making sales are higher than when they don’t know about your product or services.

Converts to Sales: Content is the air that affiliate marketing breaths. Your target audience will want to buy if your content compels them to make the step. With great content, you can educate the readers, familiarize themselves with the brand, and even encourage them to buy the service or product.

9 Tips To Write an Affiliate Content That Converts

Did you know that 15% of the total revenue of all digital media comes from affiliate marketing? Most of the top affiliate marketers are making a six-figure income. While this is a great business idea for a freelance writer, your content is the success engine. Luckily, herein I have mentioned nine points to help you create content that converts.

1. Work With a Niche You Are Conversant With

Credibility plays a significant role in this industry. The only way to achieve credibility is by working with a niche you are experienced in. It’s always easier to point across something you have knowledge about than something strange to you.

Your passion for your niche will also drive you to keep tabs on the latest changes and trends to feed your customers. This way, you will write enough to your readers at the right time. Besides, when you are well-conversant with your niche, you gain authority over your content. Your authority will help you draft an effective strategy in finding the right target audience, the type of content they prefer, and what channels to use in reaching them.

2. Use SEO Practices as Your Weapon

Organic traffic is your way to landing conversions. To get the organic traffic, you need to improve your rankings in the search engines by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To work your way up in SEO, you need to know how to search and use keywords. Keywords are the key to your readers’ looking for and expecting to purchase your product/service. The right choice of keywords for your niche will help you create SEO- friendly content that will also increase your search engine visibility. Nothing compares to the great feeling of finding the right content for your specific needs at the right time.

There are different types of keywords and tools to help you land on the perfect one. Luckily, there are free keyword search tools to help you get started on your affiliate journey.

3. Make Mobile-Friendly Content

Remarkably, more than 50% of affiliate traffic comes from mobile devices. With the advancement of technology, people now can shop and gather information on the go, wherever and whenever. This shows that to reach a wide range of your target audience, create information that is mobile friendly.

Your customers should have no problem accessing your content on their mobile phones. This way, you will not miss out on any potential conversions. Whatever platform you are using, make sure there’s a mobile-friendly theme. The right design will enable your content to convert to mobile screens automatically.

Visit your site from a mobile device to see your customer’s perspective. This will help you improve on the fast loading times, clickable buttons, and even scannable texts.

4. There’s Power in Consistent Posting

Work with a schedule that allows consistent posting on your website. It may not be daily but consistent enough to enable the reader to build anticipation for your next post. Moreover, you can auto-schedule your posts if you have a tight schedule that does not allow you to post your preference.

However, if content creation is a problem with your schedule, you can hire writers to work for you. Many affiliate marketers are busy hence outsource content creation to freelance writers. As long as you give out proper guidelines and expectations to your content creators, your workflow will be steady.

Also, find balance in your content to post. This means that you should not post too much of one content and leave the other drying out. Your readers are different, and each wants a taste of their interests in your website. So please make a point of feeding each of them.

Furthermore, maintain consistent aesthetics. You should have moderate length posts that are not burdening to read or leave the reader with more questions than answers. Also, avoid too many hashtags in your content to avoid clutter and unappealing sight. Ensure your content is appealing, following a consistent theme even in the pictures you decide to use. Naturally, people are visual creatures and tend to like organized and aesthetic visuals.

5. Use Visuals and Other Media

Incorporate high-quality videos and images to give your content a boost. A lot of people, approximately 44%, watch online videos daily. This makes videos an effective marketing asset to use in your affiliate marketing campaign.

To better impact your readers, you should create original videos on YouTube that are relevant to your readers. Moreover, embedded videos on your landing page will attract more conversions than ever. You can have several types of videos like tutorials on using your product that your readers can share.

Luckily, technology has changed the way people create videos without the need of a professional video editor. This way, you get to save a lot of time and money and still develop a high-quality video for your customers. 

6. Induce Sense of Urgency in Your Readers

Reviews and recommendations are vital in generating sales. Most people won’t convert until they read them and are convinced. Use keywords that have a significant impact on your readers. Understand your readers to identify the buttons to use. For instance, do your readers love discounts and offers? You can have keywords like flash sales, limited-time deals, a countdown on sales, and even free samples.

The bottom line is to give your readers the idea of scarcity in the products/services to buy before stocks vanish. Moreover, do not fake or force a sense of urgency in your write-up. Provide an honest review with benefits on both financial and non-financial approaches. Give clear instructions on what your customers will get if they take action within a limited time.

7. Craft Headlines That Grab Attention

A headline is the first stop to the content on your website. If your headline is compelling, your readers will want to read more of the content. However, a poor headline will make your article appear invincible.

About 73% of customers decide on buying your product/service from your headline. This means that conversion begins right at the headline stop. With similar products/services in the market, the competition is high. But, a catchy headline will be your best shot at defeating your competitors by drawing attention to your articles.

You can research headlines within your niche that have significant links and social media shares. This will help you have an idea of how to craft your headlines in a better way. When crafting headlines, you can use tips such as;

  • Use power words that draw attention, for example, smart, practical, strong, powerful, and many more.
  • Also, use numbers in the headline to increase engagement. However, odd numbers seem to have a better impact than even numbers.

8. Write Conversationally

Your style of writing will make your readers keep reading or close the page of your website. The best writing style that is conversant to many readers is writing the way you speak. Yes, that’s possible!

If you write the way you talk, you have the freedom to express yourself better in your product/service. However, it’s important to note that writing the way you speak does not make you overlook writing rules. This writing style helps you express your opinion freely, backing it up with facts, statistics, and sound research.

When writing the way you talk, you overcome insecurities and free up your writing skills immensely. Remember that to become a good writer, you need to be an ardent reader. Make a habit of reading a lot, not only on your favorite topics but also to grasp writing confidence.

Also, focus on providing solutions to your readers.

9. Include a Call-To-Action

Please include a call-to-action when the emotions of the reader are high. It is not easy to create high-quality content that will leave it lying flat. Do not waste your efforts by not incorporating a call-to-action for your customers.

With a call-to-action, you invite your readers to take a specific action like reading more (in case it’s a series article), subscribe to your mail listing, or even buy your product/service. Use your call-to-action approach to show your readers that they stand to benefit more by doing what you want them to do. Your call-to-action has to be convincing, polite, and honest to attract your readers.

Also, establish the best location for your call-to-action. The best place is where your readers are fully engaged and glued or at the end of your content. Your content will only convert if you tell your readers to take action and buy. Besides, you cannot buy from a shop that is not selling.

There are several exit-intent popup builders that help improve your conversion rate. You can use them to design your CTA according to your need. I have used Optimonk and ThriveLeads on this website and they have performed pretty well.


Without a doubt, affiliate marketing can boost marketers and brands to earn a pleasant amount. Moreover, content creation doesn’t have to be a daunting task; all you need to do is follow the right tricks, tips, and tools to help great content to convert to significant sales.

Are you thinking of how to improve your sales on your affiliate site? Don’t waste time and follow the above tried and proven tips for phenomenal results.

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