8 Writing Habits for A Successful Writing Career

One of the scariest moments for every writer is before the pen comes into contact with the paper. It is the time when you will know you are about to do what you love doing, writing!

Like any other task, you can always use ways to ensure a successful writing process. It is not good to be true!

I highly recommend that you incorporate some habits into your writing routine. However, when you do not practice exercises, they will always lose efficacy and purpose. For sure, writing is never that easy. At times, it is worth trying something new; in this case, habits can make you a stronger writer.

In this article, I will be looking at eight popular writing habits that will help make the scary and challenging writing parts more comfortable and fast.

1. Write Daily

Yes, every single day! 

It sounds quite weird since sitting on your computer every day can be quite intimidating. 

When you are not used to writing, it can be challenging to dedicate most of your time to writing. However, for you to be a successful writer, you will need to spare some five to 10 minutes at least every day to writing, especially when you are not used to it.

Most of the established writers who write more always wake up early in the morning to embark on their writing. Writing in the morning hours helps in getting fresh ideas. 

2. Ensure You Are Always Committed to Your Writing

A habit that is not practiced regularly is no longer a habit but an action. You will have to do something daily to get used to it and start realizing its importance. 

Although writing can be quite tricky and time-consuming, you need to think about other things you always do for five minutes daily, such as daydreaming on the couch, walking the dog, or watching Netflix. You can consider cutting down on such actions to create more time for your writing. 

Most new writers are always eager to know how to develop writing habits and stay committed to their practices. According to research findings, individuals can take up to two months to get used to a new routine.

3. Read as Much as Possible

Voracious is one of my favorite English words. It merely means wanting to devour or enjoy something eagerly. Almost every writer does have their favorite book that they can read again and again. Get any writing tips or habits recommended by some of the famous authors and read them voraciously. 

By reading a wide variety of books from different authors, you will be exposed to different types of writing. This will help in giving you inspiration for different characters and your reader. It will also help make you more knowledgeable and fun when you come across other inspiring books in the market.

In case you are an aspiring writer, there is an excellent chance that you love reading. Ensure that you take that a notch higher by sparing most of your time reading. In case you do love writing in a particular style, ensure that you read books of a similar fashion you will be writing in. 

Imagine being a lawyer or a surgeon without having vast knowledge in the field. It is the same way it will be challenging to write well without reading.

4. Brainstorm

You have always been advised to always carry a journal or notebook with you. You will never know where any inspiration will strike. You can be inspired by someone you pass on the sidewalk or sit next to a train or bus. A walk through town or a beautiful sunset can help inspire you to write the scene that has been in your mind.

Since being creative and brainstorming is second nature to most writers, always consider this to be an essential part of your writing job that can help you. Brainstorming is a significant venture and worth committing time. You can always combine reading and brainstorming by sparing some of your reading time to gain inspiration.

5. Come up With Your Sanctuary

Virginia Woolf did write A Room of One’s Own after being inspired by the dedicated writing spaces. The idea is based on the notion that a woman must always have her room and money to write fiction. 

Speaking from a personal point of view, any person interested in being a writer should have a private space for all this. You do not have to feel like you have to rent an office space or an apartment to achieve this! Some individuals might have a particular chair in their house that is meant for writing. However, some enjoy writing while outside and have a bench at the park where they will always be writing. 

As we are all aware, distractions pop up everywhere, making it difficult for one to focus on writing. By having that place where you will be able to write, chances of being distracted will be very minimal. Whenever you go to your writing chair, room, or desk, ensure that you always get into the zone and focus on your writing.

6. Make Good Use of the Writing Time

As we already mentioned, one way you can develop your writing habit is by ensuring you dedicate your time actively. Not only will writing be challenging, but it will also be a great pursuit. Whenever someone is interested in writing, it will always show that they are very passionate about a particular topic, thereby dedicating their time.

No writer will be able to build their habits successfully unless they recognize their importance and are in a position to commit to it fully. Ensure you take your breath and get to know whatever needs to be accomplished, and remember that every habit will take a few minutes of your daily routine.

It is a perfect time to take a look at your daily schedule and dedicate some of your time to writing.

When you create a physical program that shows the time reserved for focused writing, then high chances, you will get it done.

7. Put Your Goals in Plain Sight

Do you want to get excited and pumped up about your writing habits? Although we would always want to think that they are coming up with new patterns, it is still exciting. It is much easier to lose some steam after a week or two into the process.

Building blues is one of the best ways you can always use to beat the habit.

Always put your goals where you can still see them. Using a dry erase marker, note down your writing goals or consider putting a sticky note on the computer showing what you want to get done during the day’s writing session. Ensure that you keep the destinations on your mind and in plain sight, making it possible for you to always think about them.

You will have high chances to accomplish your goals when you know what they are and can always be reminded about them. This is a perfect time to brainstorm about some of your writing goals. For example, when you want to write a book, always write that down on some piece of paper.

Ever think about what it will take to complete writing the book. Every step in writing the book will be a goal for you and something which you will always want to keep in mind whenever you are writing.

8. Reward Yourself

Since you will be working hard, you must always congratulate yourself. Never forget celebrating your writing success. Whenever you have achieved something tremendous or managed to complete your writing tasks, spare some time recognizing it.

Ensure you let your writing community know about your celebration at the end of the chapter. Go out to reward yourself for the writing.

When you make it a habit of rewarding yourself for the success you have achieved in your paper, you will always get some positive reinforcements.

Although we are not in any way comparing you to a Fido, try thinking about when you are teaching your dog to sit or roll over. You will always reward it with some bones or treats. As you are also practicing to improve your writing, it is also a great idea to reward yourself always.

Never be afraid of celebrating whenever you have achieved something great.

My Final Thoughts on Writing Habits for A Successful Writing Career

Most of the work of brilliant writers never sees the day’s light due to poor writing habits. In case you are a writer and interested in completing your first novel and earn six figures as a freelancer or when you have dreams of winning the Pulitzer, it is high time you get on board. The most successful writers are not the most talented but do make fair use of such habits to help them succeed. 

With the above habits, you will be sure of succeeding in your writing career and inspiring other upcoming writers as well.

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